Can Hair Transplant Cause Skin Cancer

Hair transplant is a surgical process that is valid for a person facing severe baldness and no other treatment is working for him. It involves the removal of hair follicles from the area of the scalp of a person that contains hair usually called the donor and transplanted into the bald area, known as the receiver. It is an effective treatment with mainly no risk involved.

Why Hair Transplant Is Done?

Hair loss and thinning is a common problem nowadays. People start facing it more often. There are certain reasons involve, one of them is the age factor. Men are more sufferers of hair loss. Women also encounter hair loss but the ratio of them is low as compared to men. Men’s hair loss leads to baldness.  Medical conditions are also involved.

Hair transplant aims to bring back hair growth on the areas of the scalp with less or absent hair. They are considered effective. However, the result is not for a lifetime. For long-lasting result, one need follow up transplants.

Can Hair Transplants Cause Cancer?

Can Hair transplant cause cancer ?. This statement circulated on different social networking sites with no shreds of evidence.  Such concern of a person is valid in case if he doesn’t have enough basic knowledge of this surgery. The answer to this concern has been given by all dermatologists in a very clear and logical manner. For this purpose, obtaining researches approved by doctors is necessary.

Structure Of Skin:

Our skin is an organ that protects the body from several harmful external factors. It maintains different functions like body heat and stores water, salt, and fats. But there is the possibility that any organ may expose to tumors.

How Does Skin Cancer Occur?

Skin cancer is one of the most common types and spreading instantly around the globe. It happens due to abnormal and abrupt growth in skin cells. Firstly, it appears in the form of patches which then grow rapidly mainly due to direct sun exposure.  The person who undergoes an organ transplant, his chances are higher of skin cancer. Due to this association of skin cancer with organ transplants, people confused hair transplant as an organ transplant.  Organ transplant involves the transfer of body parts from one body to another.

Is A Hair Transplant An Organ Transplant?

Surely Not! Hair transplant and organ transplant are two different entities. Hair transplants do not involve the transfer of one individual body part to someone else body. It is a procedure of transferring skin follicles in the same body from where it is extracted. Therefore, no risk regarding the statement that can hair transplants cause cancer.

What Dermatologist Recommend?

Dermatologists themselves refuse such myths and rumors regarding a direct link between cancer and hair transplant. They endorse having sound knowledge about transplantation.


From above all brief illustrations, it must be very clear that there is no risk in getting a hair transplant done. It is a purely safe cosmetic procedure and causes no disease. Thus, hair transplant can cause cancer is not valid.