Can Liposuction in Islamabad Really Help Removing Stubborn Fat

Proper diet and exercises are not effective now to get rid of unwanted fat. Are you one of them who want to remove undesired and stubborn fat from the body parts like under the chin, lower arm, abdomen, chest, legs etc.? There are many queries asked by people about Can Liposuction in Islamabad Really Help Removing Stubborn Fat?. Yes obviously, it is a procedure performed for eliminating fat from the area where the patient needs to. Liposuction in Islamabad is an effective cosmetic procedure and delivers amazing outcomes.

How Does It Work?

Liposuction is a process of eliminating unwanted fat from the areas where a patient wants to. It targets the fat cell and makes significant improvements in treated areas. Also, when the cells are removed permanently, new cells can be developed in other parts of the body. It depends on a candidate to maintain the weight.

Note to Remember: This treatment is performed for eliminating fat cells and reduce some fats and weight but it is not an option for obesity.

What Are the Benefits?

There are many benefits of liposuction, it completely changes the physical structure and gives you a complete change in your personality. Some of the benefits are as following:

  • It can solve lymphedema.
  • Used for gynecomastia.
  • It gives natural look.
  • It can also perform for post-pregnancy belly fat.
  • Improves body structure.

The Outcomes:

According to SKN cosmetics, we deliver amazing and long-lasting permanent results. The candidate will notice the outcomes in 1 to 3 months after the treatment. Swelling is a common factor after this procedure and it will be temporary, it might make seeing results difficult. For keeping the outcomes long-lasting, maintain the weight and exercise regularly. Results may differ from person to person and depends on how punctually you follow the prescribed instructions given by the practitioner. Before and after photo may require for showing satisfying results.

All About The Procedure:

How to prepare: it is necessary to have an initial consultation session with the specialist before the treatment. In this session, you should have discussed your desired shape and other issues, where your practitioner will review heath condition and other situation and suggest a suitable procedure. Before the procedure practitioner will prescribe you some instruction to follow according to your condition, some of the common instructions are as following:

  • Do not consume blood thinners or other medications.
  • Keep yourself hydrated by drinking a lot of water.
  • Stop smoking and drinking alcohol.
  • Be prepared!

During the Procedure:

Surgical liposuction is performed under general anaesthesia and a small incision will be made on the targeted area. After that, a small tube will be inserted into the treated area to suction out the excess fat. This process will be continued until the complete fat will be extracted. You will not feel any pain or discomfort because of completely sedated. During the suction process, your blood pressure and heart rate will be monitored.

After the Procedure:

After the performance of liposuction, your query like; Can Liposuction in Islamabad Really Help Removing Stubborn Fat will be answerable with the outcomes which you will obtain after the treatment. You will feel fine and few minor side effects like pain and swelling may occur but it will be temporary and fade away with a little time. Your practitioner will prescribe you some instructions that you should follow to keep yourself fine. A few of them are as follows:

  • You should eat healthy meals.
  • It is necessary to wear comfortable clothes
  • Do not smoke or drink alcohol.
  • You can start your regular exercise and physical activities that will keep your weight maintained.
  • Avoid consuming blood thinners and use the prescribed medication.


Yes, of course, liposuction can help you for removing stubborn and undesired fat from any part of your body. It is an efficient and effective surgery that is performed by expert surgeons under full concentration and focus. The best thing about this procedure is the outcomes are permanent and long-lasting. You will love your new natural look.

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