Can Smoking Cigarettes Lead to Hair Loss in Islamabad

In today’s world, all people are busy in their daily routine. Some people, either men or women have a habit of smoking. You should know that smoking affects all the body parts in different manners like it may lead you to different kinds of tumour, heart problems. The raising query, Can Smoking Cigarettes Lead to Hair Loss?

Yes, it is a common connection between Smoking and Men’s Hair Loss. It can cause many health problems and physical changes e.g. hair fall and loss in hair volume happen due to smoking, the cancerous substances in smoke might lead you to severe hair fall conditions. Read further for more information about this issue. Severe Hair Loss can lead to the need for a Hair transplant.

Reasons for Hair Fall:

As mentioned by researchers, smoking cigarettes is a bad habit and it can lead a person to many severe problems like lung problems, heart problems like heart attack, disorder immune system. It eventually disturbs the growth of hair and destroys follicles. Many other factors are caused by smoking and lead to hair fall, such as:

  • Poor Blood Flow: The hair units need basic nutriment like fibre, all vitamins and oxygen which are provided to hair through blood flow. Whereas, a cigarette carries toxin elements that shrink the blood vessels and blocks the blood circulation to hair units. When hair fails to receive the compulsory proteins, a cycle of hair growth will be disturbed. A person will experience hair fall after a few time.
  • Weak Immunity System: When the hair brings out excessive oil, it leads to dandruff and maybe other infections. Whereas, smoking is also a big reason for having a disordered immune system. It will damage the internal immunity to fight any infection and lead to heavy hair fall.
  • Stress: The common factor especially in men, when they are facing any stress they smoked. Due to this issue, they experience heavy hair fall. In women, when they take stress and tension it also affects the growth of hair and starts hair losing.

How it Affects?

It can affect mental and physical health, it can lead you to many severe problems and diseases and a high risk of several cancers, heart problems and respiratory issues. It is a warning to all smokers around, your habit can affect many lives including themselves. The skin tone, teeth and nails get affected, hairs become dry and started greying and light.

What Will Happen If Quit Smoking?

Generally, it is very hard to avoid the habit of smoking or we can easily advise someone to quit it. But you can quit if you are well-known about such problems which can occur due to smoking. After avoiding this habit, it will help to protect the natural hair growth cycle, hairs will start improving in volume and growth. You will obtain a healthy life and tension-free routine, your hair growth will be good after quitting smoking and there will be no risks of any severe disease.

What You Should Do?

After knowing all the factors you will get the answer to Can Smoking Cigarettes Lead to Hair Loss? You should follow some instructions in your daily routine for preventing hair fall.

  1. Avoid Smoking: It is difficult but tries to quit it before falling into a big problem. If you have started to face hair fall, quitting this habit is the way to reverse hair fall.
  2. Supplements Diet Plan: Start eating a diet that is full of rich nutrients like all types of Vitamins, fibre, iron, zinc and other proteins etc. the herbs can improve immunity as well. With this diet plan, you will observe that your hair will stop falling and growth well.
  3. Haircare Routine: You should follow a care routine for hair fall. Do massage with essential oils two times in one week, use masks for hair and other good products which provide deep care to the hair. Right products will cure the root of individual hair.
  4. Consult a Hair Specialist: if your hair falls increased due to unawareness of such terms, it also an option and feel free to consult a hair specialist when smoking is the cause of hair fall in both ways whether it’s temporary or long term. Your specialist will tell you all about the terms, reasons for your hair fall, best solutions and diet plan, medication and surgical, non-surgical procedures etc. that is how you will exactly know what to do for preventing hair loss caused by smoking.

At SKN cosmetic in Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Pakistan, our specialist will recommend you to consult us for identifying the reason for hair loss and prevent other diseases.

All Summed up!

The smoker can experience many severe diseases like a Weak immune system, several types of cancer, heart problems and lungs problems. Also, it attacks the DNA structure and heavy hair problems. It is better to cure the problem at the initial stage for preventing big problems.