Can you feel thread in your face

Threading in Islamabad is a minimally invasive aesthetic procedure that addresses wrinkles, age spots and sagging. As we grow older, our skin starts losing the firmness and elasticity that maintain the complexion and skin tone intact and keep our skin youthful, alluring and flawless. But the age factor fosters the appearance of wrinkles and interrupts the natural complexion of the skin.

The pursuit of lasting beauty and maintaining the glamour of the skin incite us to discover sophisticated and cutting-edge skincare options that have made us introduce facial threading. Since its inception, this procedure has gained immense popularity worldwide. Facial threading at SKN Cosmetics Islamabad improves elasticity, rejuvenates the skin tone and complexion and reduces the impacts of aging and also the appearance of wrinkles.

Facial Threading in Islamabad:

This procedure is also called a thread lift. It is a nonsurgical and minimally invasive aesthetic procedure that is applied to reduce the impacts of aging, eliminate wrinkles and restore the body’s youthful appearance by stimulating collagen production. Biocompatible threads are inserted into the skin during this cosmetic procedure to lift the skin and tighten staggering areas.

Benefits of Thread Lift in Islamabad:

  • Thread lift in Islamabad stimulates collagen production that ultimately enhances the elasticity and firmness of the skin
  • It reduces the impacts of aging and also diminishes wrinkles and other unwanted spots
  • Improves facial contours and makes the skin more youthful and attractive
  • Besides collagen production, it also fosters blood circulation and delivery of nutrients that impact positively this way.
  • Make an individual confident and boosts his self-esteem
  • Its results are lasting and maintain a vibrant look
  • It is a customised skin care treatment and can be applied based on an individual’s need.

Types of Facial Threading in Islamabad:

Cat or Fox Eye Thread Lift

This procedure is used to lift eyebrows towards the temple, making the appearance of a cat or fox eye. The practitioner places threads to uplift eyebrows to a defined area. If a person is looking to treat eyebrows and make them attractive, then this procedure is suitable to achieve the desired results.

Eyebrow Thread Lift

When eyebrows are furrowed because of the age factor, then this type of facial threading in Islamabad is practiced to tighten the skin around the eyebrows. With the help of threads, targeted sites are repositioned. This procedure gives eyebrows a unique and youthful look and leaves a healthy impact on overall facial symmetry.

Nose Thread Lift

When the practitioner is to improve the appearance of the nose, lift or make it slim, then nose thread lift is applied to enhance the beauty of the nose shape and its contour without undergoing any invasive surgical procedure.

Neck Thread Lift

This procedure can resolve your issue when you feel loose skin on the neck and its surrounding areas. The surgeon injects threads into the neck skin to support and improve the neck contour. It controls the sagging skin around the neck and rejuvenates the targeted area.

Post-Operative Procedures:

It is a minimally invasive procedure, and a patient can leave the clinic after treatment. He may feel swelling or bruising later on. But a patient must follow the following recommendations for a smooth recovery and optimal results.

  • Do not wash your face for at least a day
  • Avoid using makeup for a few days
  • Do not use a tight headband, as it could add pressure on the treated site
  • Avoid excessive face rubbing and touching
  • You can use antibiotics to prevent infection
  • If you feel pain, use prescribed medicines
  • Do not miss follow-up visits with the surgeon
  • If you feel excessive pain or swelling, rush to your practitioner

Cost of Facial Threading in Islamabad:

The cost of threading in Islamabad is from PKR 35,000 to PKR 120,000, but this cost may vary depending on the clinic you choose and the fee of your practitioner. In terms of cost and quality results, SKN Cosmetics Islamabad is one of the best clinics in Islamabad, Pakistan. It has been serving for years in this field, and the services and facilities it provides to patients make it a distinguished threading clinic in Islamabad.

The Last Say:

Facial threading in Islamabad improves facial contour by improving skin tone and complexion and reducing the appearance of wrinkles and age spots. This process involves using biocompatible threads to improve skin text. Further, this procedure is minimally invasive, and its downtime is zero, but for maximum results, practitioners suggest several follow-up procedures.