Can you Have More Than One Hair Transplant

There are a lot of people around the globe who undergo hair transplantation procedures every day. Some of them are happy to have a complete change in life but some of them are still experiencing other issues like thin hair and hair falling. In such cases, where candidates have already had a hair treatment and still they are facing hair problem then they approach for the second hair transplant surgery. This article covers that Can you Have More Than One Hair Transplant. 

Yes, it is possible to have a second or more hair transplantation for adding additional density, inserting new follicles among the previous ones. Feel free to have a second treatment because experienced surgeons will never advise you of any misleading ideas.

What Is a Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant is a well-known treatment that can be performed on both genders, all age people and solve every type of hair fall issue. It is a non-invasive procedure mostly people undergo this for enhancing their look and adding volume to their hair. There are two main types of hair transplantation methods that are used for hair restoration. Such as:

These both are mostly used for such treatment, they are different in the procedure and results but both are effective. Your surgeon will suggest a suitable method after reviewing your hair loss situation.

What Are the Reasons For Having More Hair Transplant?

There are huge numbers of reasons for having a second or more hair transplant treatment. Different people have different obtained results and they also have different problems. When you approach for a second treatment your surgeon will ask you a few questions that why you need it again. Mostly candidate response like:

  • Their first surgery’s results are not obtained properly and fail to meet the expectations.
  • The hair getting thin around the treated area so they want to cover the surrounding area as well.
  • They want to correct the previous treatment mistakes.
  • They need more additional volume.
  • They don’t take good care after the first treatment.

These are the common candidate’s statements and they want to improve their appearance again. The few reasons for having second or more hair transplantation treatment are as following:

Have Strong Donor Follicles:

Few people typically experience the hair treatment for checking if it is effective or not, are our donor follicles are strong enough to improve our look from other sites. If you have a strong donor area then you can improve your hair restoration process more effectively. When their first experience will be good then why not they should try the second one.

Hair Density:

There are several types of people, who need more density in their hair or if their hair is getting thin from the other sites of the scalp. Many candidates approach for second treatment just to enhance their hair density and make it look attractive and beautiful.

Due to Weak Hair Follicles:

The other reason where Can you Have More Than One Hair Transplant is that when a candidate undergoes treatment and due to weak hair follicles he/she doesn’t obtain the outcomes properly so the good news for them that you can have the second treatment for making it better.

Unhappy with the Hairline:

Sometimes, candidates don’t get satisfied because of their hairline. For making your hairline well and correct, you can have a second treatment because your satisfaction makes your personality happy.

Treatment Went Wrong:

One of the major reason for going to have a second treatment is when the previous treatment went wrong due to unprofessional surgeon or unregistered clinic that are just making money. Many people don’t know about their lies and fake popularity, they performed wrong procedure methods on the patient and that’s how the result will become a big side effect. For correcting their hair condition more than one treatments are performed for improving their situation.

Not Achieve Desirable Results:

Last but not the least, the reason behind having a second treatment of hair restoration is when candidates not obtained their desired results and don’t meet their expectation. For solving this issue, the practitioners suggest a second hair treatment for giving effective results and an amazing look.

These are the major reasons when people approach the second hair restoration treatment. According to SKN cosmetics, we provide the best services and performed an effective procedure under full concentration and with a supportive team. Our candidates are always satisfied with us and they never complain. We are here to provide you with hygiene services and relax environment.

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