Cheek Implants Do they look natural

Cheek implants in Islamabad help you look more beautiful, attractive, and simply youthful. After a certain period of age or encountering some medical or surgical conditions, many people observe a decrease in the volume of their cheeks, which damages the feminization or masculinization of females and males, respectively. Furthermore, some people have this drawback naturally which decreases their confidence and self-esteem.

Let’s Understand The Concept of Cheek Implants:

The placement of prosthetic devices over the existing cheekbone is called cheek implants. These devices are basically biocompatible elements like silicon that improve the volume of cheeks, improve the appearance of the midface region and enhance facial beauty as it creates harmony among facial features by adding volume to the cheek.


The first step is consultation. During this phase, the surgeon tries to understand the patient’s issues, concerns, and objectives. This process helps him choose a suitable treatment to produce optimized results. Before the start of the procedure, the specific area is numbed, and the patient may be given anesthesia to avoid discomfort. The surgeon then creates a pocket in the cheek area after making small incisions to insert or place implants on the face. After that, your surgeon closes incisions through dissolvable stitches.

Benefits of Cheek Implants in Islamabad:

  • This procedure adds volume and improves the shape and contour of the cheeks
  • People observing the loss of cheek volume can restore their youthful and alluring look
  • This process improves facial features, symmetry, and overall representation
  • This procedure involves minimal scarring as small incisions are made
  • If an individual wants to alter the implants’ placement or remove them, then it can be done as this procedure is reversible
  • As small incisions are made during the procedure, making cheek implants in Islamabad, downtime is minimal
  • Furthermore, this aesthetic treatment improves the confidence and self-esteem of an individual by improving cheeks contour

Signs You Are a Perfect Candidate For Cheek Implants:

  • If you feel your cheekbones are unbalanced, flat, or lack a proper contour
  • If you have lost cheek volume because of an aging factor or any medical condition
  • If you feel your facial symmetry does not create proper alignment
  • If you fully understand the  consequences of this decision
  • If you have an adequate bone structure to support implants
  • If you are healthy and strong both emotionally and physically

Cheek Implants: Do they look natural:

The most asked question is whether cheek implants look natural or not. In a superficial way, we can say yes. Cheek implants look natural, but a few factors cannot be overlooked to attain natural-looking results. If those factors are followed properly during the surgery, then the patient will definitely have natural-looking results.

Factors To Consider For Natural-Looking Results

Implant Choice

This is a crucial factor to consider before implants. Individual requirements, facial demands, and characteristics should be considered earlier to choose the most suitable size, shape, and even implant material. The consideration of this factor ensures a seamless amalgamation of implants with surrounding tissues and other facial features.

Facial Symmetry:

To achieve natural-looking results, maintaining facial symmetry is vital. While doing cheek implants, a surgeon should focus on improving the existing facial aesthetics irrespective of altering them. This approach ensures aligned and proportionate results.

Adjustment of Surrounding and Soft Tissues

It is also important to manipulate and adjust soft and surrounding tissues to achieve desired results. Furthermore, the volume of soft tissues can also be enhanced through fat grafting or dermal fillers.

Postoperative Care:

Aftercare treatment is one of the crucial aspects of the surgery, and if given procedures are not followed properly, then the patient might face negative impacts. Your surgeon will instruct you to adhere to some recommendations. The patient must follow those instructions for optimal results.

  • You can observe swelling or bruising. Apply ice packs to reduce swelling or bruising.
  • Avoid strenuous activities to foster the healing process
  • You might be given some diet-related instructions; follow them properly
  • If you feel pain, consult with your doctor or use prescribed medicines
  • Visit your surgeon regularly for proper evaluation of the treated area
  • Keep patience as recovery might take some time

The Bottom Line

Cheek implants in Islamabad add volume and enhance the aesthetics of cheeks, leading to an improved and harmonious facial alignment. This procedure offers youthful and natural-looking results, making this procedure one of the most sought-after procedures to rejuvenate facial contour and overall representation.

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