Cinderella Drip Treatment in Islamabad

Cinderella drip treatment in Islamabad has become the best treatment for skin nowadays. It gives a dosage of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients to the body, which becomes the reason for the skin’s clarity inside-out. It has become the most powerful, and reliable whitening treatment as well, and leaves you with clear, and bright skin when you are done with the treatment.  

People desire a fresh, youthful, and glowing look while also feeling fresh from the inside-out. Cinderella drips fight issues like acne scars, melasma, and hyperpigmentation, which are seen as the biggest skin problems people face nowadays. Women across the world are going after such treatments like the Cinderella drip, or Glutathione IV drip, which are not painful, do not take much time, are not harmful, and also yield desired results within no time! 

What Is Cinderella Drip Treatment?

It is a combination of highly accredited research and innovations in cosmetology. This drip consists of many elements, primarily vitamin C, and glutathione. ALA, or Alpha Lipoic Acid, can also be added to the drip. This will cost an additional fee which depends on dosage. Through intravenous infusion, or placing a catheter into the hand, the drip constituents then start to slowly enter your bloodstream and circulate around your body. This process takes only about 20 minutes  

What Are The Benefits Of  This Treatment?

This drip has been designed to fight signs of aging, to lighten and even out skin tone, and make skin clearer. Toxins and heavy metals can also be removed ad eliminated from the body, while also fighting off free radicals. It tends to reduce any inflammation in the body, so not only for the skin, it’ll aid you in other parts of the body as well. It is also known to reduce the progression of carpal tunnel syndrome. It helps boost the immune system due to its anti-inflammatory properties. 

Cinderella drip treatment requires little to no maintenance. Only to see better results, you need to start dietary therapy, and healthy exercise daily.  

Who Is A Suitable Candidate For This Treatment?

There are not any conditions that need to be taken into consideration for this treatment. Anyone who desires a healthy and glowing look can be a candidate for this treatment. Cinderella drip treatment in Islamabad is available to all kinds of patients. 

How Many Times Do I Need To Get It Done?

The procedure only takes up to 20 minutes to be over, in one session. This drip needs to be taken once every 7 to 10 days to start seeing a difference. The treatment likely goes on for about 10 weeks, and that is when you can start noticing a difference. The treatment will give its best results if you combine the therapy with a better diet and exercise.  

Is Cinderella Drip Safe or not?

It is quite safe and in turn beneficial for your health. It takes drips only, which is also known as an intravenous infusion. It contains ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and glutathione, also added ALA. There may be some side effects like cramping or bloating, but these go away within a day or two.  

What Are The Risks Of Taking Cinderella Drip Treatment In Islamabad?

If you already suffer from kidney problems, it is necessary to mention this to your doctor early on. A high dosage of glutathione can result in serious medical issues. Potential side effects could also be headaches. Some people might also face adverse effects like toxicity in the nervous system, kidney and liver issues etc. it is advisable to discuss all of these issues and prevent them beforehand.  

How Much Does Cinderella Drip Treatment Cost In Islamabad?

Unlike other treatment options for skin whitening and brightening of the skin, this treatment is not as expensive. A drip in one session will cost you about only 0000 PKR. You can additionally pay for ALA addition in your drip, which is also a booster and has many perks to it. For the total 10 sessions, you might need to visit the clinic for, you will be charged additionally. 

If you have a busy schedule and are looking forward to the most convenient, yet cost-effective way to rejuvenate your skin, feel free to contact us.