Cleft Palate Repair Surgery in Islamabad

Generally, cleft palate repairing is a treatment performed for those newborn babies who have cutting lip issues by birth or for those who experienced an injury or accident. Basically, it is a gap between the upper lip and nose tip plasty so that is called the cleft lip. There is a surgery for repairing and improving the shape of a lip that is performed by expert and experienced plastic surgeons. 

In this blog post, you will learn all about Cleft Palate Repair Surgery Cost in Islamabad as well as other supporting factors which can affect the cost of the treatment. So, keep reading for more information related to this effective surgery. 

About Cleft Palate Repairing Surgery:

According to SKN cosmetics, the surgery is used to perform for fixing the cutting lip which is occur by birth or due to an accident. there are several issues which appear due to this gap like, speech difficulty, breathing issues, the appearance of face look etc. the ideal candidates are newborn babies like 9 to 12 months old and those who are affected by any serious injury. 

For fixing such issues, plastic surgeons recommend facial reconstructive treatment. The surgery is performed with multiple sessions that are why it is necessary to not miss any session. So that is how the candidate can get the desired results. 

It’s Outcome:

The outcomes of the cleft palate repairing treatments are dramatic and effective for a lifetime. The lip will be fixed completely and permanently. Moreover, the results of the surgery also depend on the expertise of the plastic surgeon and by following the aftercare instructions while healing process. So, keep following the instructions for getting more accurate results. 

 Cost Of Cleft Palate Repair Surgery:

Generally, the average Cleft Palate Repair Surgery Cost in Islamabad ranges between 70,000 PKR to 150,000 PKR. It might be expensive if the condition of the lip cleft is in the worst condition. The surgery is charged differently from candidate to candidate. So, it will be appropriate to consult the plastic surgeon to know the proper fee range according to the condition of the defective lip. 

Other Supporting Cost Factors:

Apparently, when a candidate is appointed for the consultation session, it is necessary to discuss all the treatment-related queries and concerns. After considering the concerns, the surgeon will discuss some cost factors which can affect your fee of the treatment. Several essential factors are mentioned below with some details: 

  • Qualified and Professional Surgeon’s Fee: The treatment for improving and fixing the gapped lip is complicated and delicate surgery where you can’t trust any low-quality and unprofessional surgeons. It will be a good decision if you choose a board-certified and expert one for your treatment. The experienced surgeon will recommend you appropriate solution for your problem. Therefore, this factor can affect the actual cost of the surgery due to the expert surgeon fee.
  • Location and Reputation of the Clinic:  There are several places that don’t have reputable and well-known clinics near to them. When they require fixing such issues, they need to travel from one place to another place where the clinic is located. Moreover, different clinics have different cost conditions, which is why the reputable clinic might be charged a fee according to their popularity. So, this factor can affect the cost with traveling expenses. 
  • Type of Anesthesia:  It is necessary to perform the surgery under anesthesia and it requires before the surgery starts. So, the fee of anesthesia (whether it is local or general anesthesia) may affect the cost of the treatment. 
  • Other Supporting Charges: In this factor, you might require multiple sessions for further adjustment and checkups, medication, and stays at the clinic. Whenever a patient feels any type of pain or minor infection after the procedure, it may require checkup sessions. These few basic factors can affect the cost of the surgery. 

All Summed Up!

After getting the concept of the accurate cost and with its factors, feel free to consult SKN cosmetics surgery in Islamabad for the safest, effective and result providing surgeries. Our experts will recommend you a suitable treatment for fixing your problem at an affordable cost. Our Experienced surgeons are looking forward to you!