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Covid’19 Test Type:


When a candidate may experience any type of sign and symptoms or recently contact with someone who get infected with the virus, it requires you to get tested before it spread to your family from you. According to SKN cosmetics, there are two types of tests that we are offering, these are mentioned below with details:

  • Currently Infected Test: 

If a person recently interacts with someone who is infected by the coronavirus, this type of test will be taken for checking if infected or not. In other words, this test is known as a viral test that will take as the practitioner will take saliva samples for testing. It is usually taken from the nose with the help of a swab. It may take from minutes to hours for the results or depends if the test is urgent or normal.

  • Past Infected Test: 

A type of test that is used to take for checking if someone had been infected by the virus in a past time like 2 to 3 weeks before then antibody testing is taken. This type of test will not report whether a person is currently infected or not. The sample will be taken from a vein or fingerprint. The results will be given after a few days to a week.

Somehow, if the report shows that your test is POSITIVE then you are infected, if NEGATIVE then you are not infected by a coronavirus. Therefore, the test will be taken in the clinic or drive-thru and the report will be sent to the person via email or they can pick by themselves, it depends on the choice.

Covid’19 Symptoms:


It is necessary to be aware of symptoms of coronavirus as it can easily transfer from one person to another by sneezing, coughing, touching, handshaking or breathing. A person can observe the symptoms after 4 to 6 days. The common symptoms are mentioned below:

  • Fever and chills.
  • Losing the sense of tasting and smelling.
  • Dry Coughing or sore throat.
  • Feeling difficulty while breathing.
  • Exhaustion and tiredness.
  • Body aches and pain in muscles.

However, these are the most frequent signs and symptoms of coronavirus that may experience when someone gets infected by this virus. More than that, some rare symptoms that few people experience are mentioned below:

  • Diarrhoea or stomach disturbed.
  • Rashes on the skin of the body.
  • Irritation and redness in eyes.

Remember that: Feeling more difficulty while breathing and chest pain are the serious symptoms. You may need to get admitted to the hospital for extra observation and treatment. 

Fee Criteria of Test:


At our clinic, the test fee ranges between 6500 PKR to 7500 PKR. Also, it depends on a few factors and after knowing the factors, you will get the exact cost range. These factors include:
•    Test Type.
•    Report Sending Way.
•    Clinical Reputation.
•    Checkup Session fee.
Therefore, if you want to know more about cost related details then contact us or visit our clinic. We will provide complete information.


Aftercare Instructions:


Generally, taking good care of your health is a top priority. Luckily, if you are not infected by coronavirus then take care of your health as:
• Cover your face while going out to big gatherings.
• Eat a healthy diet for making strong your immune system.
• Use sanitiser if you touch anything at your workplace or outside.
• Wash your hands whenever you come home.
• If you are infected by a simple cold virus then stay home.
However, if you are infected by coronavirus then take aftercare instructions for taking care of your health. Some instructions during the covid illness are mentioned below:
• Isolate yourself from your family.
• Take complete guidance from your doctor.
• Use a nutritious eating diet.
• Use antibiotics, prescribed medication and syrups.
• Keep checking on yourself, if you feel change inform immediately.
• Spend your time with relaxing moments and don’t get panic.

Message from the CEO

For over 15 years, we have been committed to providing quality and safety to our patients in the form of Lab and aesthetic services with branches in the UK, UAE and Pakistan.
Royal Lab is equipped with State-of-art lab techniques and cutting-edge tools that help diagnose different diseases and prepare the treatment plan accordingly. Other than all the basic tests we have a separate department for Covid 19 testing. Our objective is to provide people with sound laboratory tests and technical advice licensed and approved by IHRA.
Royal Cosmetic surgery is blessed with an expert team of foreign qualified Doctors who have turned our clients into satisfied customers. We are providing aesthetic services from hair transplant to Plastic surgery to Skin and Laser procedures. We have recently added a Pain management and rehab facility to our Clinic.
As CEO of Royal lab, Royal Cosmetic Surgery and Enfield Royal Clinic my focus is to ensure our patients receive the best care by providing staff with the resources and facilities they need to make this possible. This includes solidifying the facilities and equipment our staff needs to care for you and your family for generations to come. We are focused on frequently growing with constantly seeking ways to improve our operations and delivering customer-focused solutions.
Looking forward, we are keyed up to roll out additional value-added services, tools and support to help drive the success of our valued customers. We will continue our drive to be the Number #1 medical Cosmetic Clinic worldwide. Thank you for trusting us with the care of your patients. We look forward to contributing to your sustained achievement.


Sincere Regards,
Shahid M Rai
Royal Lab
Enfield Royal Clinic Dubai

What is Corona Virus, COVID-19?

Corona Virus, one of the families of viruses that can affect directly respiratory sickness in human beings. It is a virus that can affect another person by touching and breathing. In other words, it is usually called “Corona” as its pictorial form shows the shape of crown-like spikes of the virus. The other examples of this virus are cold to a more serious disease, a common type of disease that can induce sickness in people and others are:

  • SARS – Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome.
  • MERS – Middle East Respiratory Syndrome. 

Therefore, these were the common but new and strong type of virus is Covid’19 – which was starting to spread from the city of Wuhan, China in Dec-2019. After that, every continent of the world gets infected.

What is the History of the corona virus?

According to Research, this virus was found mostly in cats, bats and camels but these animals do not get infected. Somehow, such viruses can be spread to a group of animals and can transfer to other species. After that, the virus eventually starts to transfer into a human being and they get infected with it. 

Initially, the first infected case of Covid’19 was in Wuhan China and by contacting each other, it spread speedily but still, it is not proved that why people start to infect with this virus. From time to time, it transfers from one person to another by handshaking, while talking or meeting each other closer to 6 feet. From December 2019 to March 2020, it spread country to country and continent to continent.

Why it is called a Worldwide Disease?

As mentioned above, Covid’19 can easily transfer from one person to another by speaking, talking, breathing and handshaking. The liquid particles of someone’s breathing, sneezing and coughing can easily absorb through the nasal and into the lungs. By contacting people, the number of cases increases daily and if a person has a weak respiratory system, it can be affected more strongly.

Current Situation of Covid-19 in Pakistan:

The current situation of our country is that people are still infected by a coronavirus and due to a new variant of the virus – Omicron, it is very important to take precautions and take good care of your health by not connecting people unnecessarily, covering your face and take healthy food.



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