Do eye bags return after surgery?

Many people are frustrated by eye bags and unpleasant pockets of puffiness under the eyes. Potential patients often wonder if eye bags remain after surgery, even though cosmetic treatments like blepharoplasty can reduce their appearance. 

However, before considering this cosmetic operation, one must learn what causes eye bags to recur after surgery. This concern will bring clarity and peace to those who want to revitalize the area under their eyes. So, let us find out!

What are Eyebags?

As the lower eyelids age, fatty pads grow, causing bags under the eyes. The cheekbone shrinks with age and facial volume loss, causing eye bags and puffy fat bulges under the lower eyelids.

Causes of Eye Bags:

The cause of recurring under-eye bags must be addressed first. In most circumstances, orbital fat cushions the eyeball. Like a hernia, orbital fat can prolapse or push forward, causing these bulges under the eyes. Lower eyelid fat pads can prolapse, a genetic disease that causes eye bags in younger people. 

The Eyebag Removal Process:

The surgeon will carefully remove extra skin and fat from the lower eyelid, making it tauter. This minimizes puffy eye bags. Unlike other methods, surgical removal of eye bags is permanent. The fat never returns, and the results last and work.

Preparation for Lower Eyelid Surgery:

You should schedule treatment when ready. Your doctor will provide you with pre-op instructions. 

  • Usage of eye drops or other medications before surgery.
  • You should have someone drive you home following the surgery and prepare your home with everything you need to recover. It also includes Ice packs and cold compress cloths.
  • Sunglasses for sun protection. 
  • Prescription eyewear after surgery if suggested by your doctor.
  • Ask your doctor about any further pre-surgery preparations.

Benefits of EyeBag Surgery: 

Lower blepharoplasty removes under-eye bags. This surgery removes extra skin and fat for a more youthful appearance. The following are some of the main benefits of this eye bag treatment solution:

Everlasting Results:

Lower blepharoplasty lasts longer than dermal fillers, which require periodic maintenance. You won’t have to repeat the treatment to remove excess skin and fat under the eyes, making it a longer-lasting remedy to eye bags.

The reduction of eye bag symptoms:

Those with bags under their eyes may feel pressure, rubbing, or discomfort. Lower blepharoplasty is an effective treatment for these issues because it removes extra skin and fat. 

Improvement of Medical Conditions:

Lower blepharoplasty can treat eye-related medical issues and cosmetically benefit patients. By removing extra fat and weight, the surgery can alleviate eyelid misalignment and pain. Misaligned eyelids can also hurt.

Aesthetic and Confidence Improvement:

The rejuvenated and youthful appearance of lower blepharoplasty can boost self-confidence and appearance satisfaction. The technique has functional benefits as well. 

Are eye bag procedures painful?

No pain is felt during eye bag surgery. Indeed, it is one of the least painful operations. Patients may experience a minor headache behind their eyes on the first day after surgery, but it usually goes away within 24 hours without pain medication.

Which therapy works best for under-eye bags?

One of the most successful solutions for circles under the eyes is lower blepharoplasty, which eliminates excess fat beneath the eyes. You can get rid of the fat or graft it into deep tear ducts beneath your eyes as an everlasting filler, depending on your anatomical structure. This procedure yields desirable results. 

Fat transfer is a fantastic option for filling empty or depressed areas. In this procedure, fat is transferred to areas that need it. To reduce eye bags, excess skin under the eyes can be tightened instead of surgery. An incision under the lower lashes removes excess skin, or a laser or peel tightens it. This is done to achieve the desired consequence. 

Home Treatments for Under-Eye Bags:

Having big bags beneath your eyes? Try these home remedies:

  • Sleeping sufficiently prevents fluid from building up under your eyes, reducing puffiness.
  • Drinking enough water can also reduce fluid buildup under your eyes.
  • A cold compress or room-temperature cucumber slices can be applied to your eyes. This shrinks blood vessels, which may minimize swelling and bring relief quickly.

Eyebag Surgery Cost in Islamabad: 

The cost of Eyebag surgery in Islamabad ranges from PKR 155,000 to PKR 200,000 depends on amount of work required. Pricing may vary by geography, surgeon expertise, and other factors. This price covers only the operation; operating room facilities and anaesthesia will vary depending on your location and needs. Your surgeon can estimate costs before the operation.

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