Does FUE Hair Transplant Last Forever

Nowadays, hair loss and baldness is a big issue and getting common even for an early age people. They may experience home remedies and other expensive hair products for stopping the hair fall but they can’t and get hopeless. Luckily, cosmetic-based surgeries are getting advance day by day and it offers much effective treatment for restoring hair growth naturally and effectively.   

Hair transplant is a life-changing treatment for many men and women that can give them back self-confidence and an attractive youthful look. It is an effective treatment and divided into two major categories. The FUT also known as strip method and FUE the extraction grafts method, both are transplanting methods and performed in their own ways. The most advanced technique is FUE as compared to the strip method. 

This blog post is covering all about the procedure, benefits and Does an FUE Hair Transplant Last Forever. So, read further for knowing information about this topic. 

About FUE Technique:

According to SKN cosmetics, FUE is an advanced method of transplanting hair follicles grafts. It is performed by a dermatologist as the hair follicles will be extracted from the healthy donor side and transplanted at the recipient area under local anaesthesia respectively. Usually, it is known as a minimally invasive procedure but still, it requires surgical steps to perform. The extraction and insertion of the hair depend on the patient’s desire and the average duration of this transplanting method is 6 to 8 hours. It is an ideal treatment option for both men and women and according to their issues. 

The Advantages of Having It:

There are a lot of benefits of undergoing the FUE transplanting method. Some of the benefits are mentioned below: 

  • It is an effective transplanting technique. 
  • No scar will appear after it. 
  • Enhance the facial look. 
  • Improve the volume of hair. 
  • Speedy recovery and the quick procedure. 
  • It feels less discomfort. 
  • An affordable procedure. 
  • Does an FUE Last Long?

In the FUE transplanting method, yes, of course, it will deliver effective and long-lasting outcomes. It also depends on patient to patient, some of them obtained initial effects within 2 to 5 months and some of them obtained later. The complete results can be seen within 10 to 12 months. So, that’s why a patient should wait for the complete growth as they will stay for a long time and you will never face the hair fall again. Besides, few factors will make an FUE lasts for a long time. These are mentioned below with a bit details: 

  • The Expert Surgeon’s Performance: The most important factor about achieving long-lasting results is to choose an experienced surgeon for your hair transplanting treatment. It plays a major role that only expert and skilful practitioner can perform such delicate surgeries. If you choose an inexperienced person for your treatment, then he will make your surgery worst.  
  • Candidacy Criteria Matters: If a patient is good for the surgery then the results will be obtained accurate and perfect. If you are not a good candidate for a hair transplant then you can’t obtain accurate and healthy hairs as in results. So, it is important to fulfil the candidacy criteria before the procedure and your practitioner will tell you about the criteria before the treatment.  
  • The Aftercare Instructions: The most second important factor for knowing about Does an FUE Hair Transplant Last Forever is the aftercare of hair transplanting. When your surgery is done, your surgeon will always prescribe you some post-care instructions according to your health and surgery. It is strictly advised to follow all prescribed instruction for making your transplant long-lasting. E.g. keep your head free of sweating, do not touch or rub your scalp, avoid consuming blood thinners because it will slow down the recovery process, use prescribed pain killers & antibiotics and visit your specialist from time to time for a checkup. This factor will give you long term results.  

All Summed Up! 

Therefore, choosing an expert and experienced hair specialist and take good care of transplanted hair according to the aftercare instructions is the best way for obtained long-lasting outcomes in FUE. So, keep these points in your mind when you consider a hair transplanting treatment. Further, if you won’t have an effective treatment then feel free to consult SKN cosmetic, we will provide you with the best transplanting treatment.