Does an Uneven Hairline Mean That You Are Balding

In the daily life routine, people are so busy in their work and other activities and sometimes they even forget about care themselves. Most people experienced hair loss issues due to pollution, unhealthy diet, genetics and other matters. These are the main issue of losing hair but if a person ever observes that one side of the head looks thinner or less hairy to another side, then this is called unusual or asymmetrical hairline.

It is a common issue most males and females experience. Most people asked about Does an Uneven Hairline Mean That You Are Balding? Read this blog post to knowing about the uneven hairline, its reasons and how to cure it. We have also mentioned the treatments for curing such issues. 

About an Irregular Hairline: 

According to SKN cosmetics, an asymmetrical hairline is a type of hairline that can be observed on any one side of the head and looks different as compared to another side. Like, there is a receding hairline on a person’s right side as compared to the other side. These minor unusual hairlines are usual sometimes and if a person has such a hairline then surely it doesn’t mean that he/she is losing hair. All people have these type of little changes in both sides of the head hairline. 

No doubt, in various cases these asymmetrical hairlines could be a symbol of baldness or another type of hair fall. If you observe these unwanted receding hairlines then don’t try any home remedies, see a dermatologist for discussing the reason for the irregular hairline. 

The Main Reasons: 

Certainly, few factors may put up an irregular hairline. It would be the reason for male pattern baldness and due to heredity or hair fall caused by damage to the hair roots. Further knowledge about these reasons are mentioned below: 


A fact where an irregular hairline appears by the reason of genetics. Like, you obtained eye colour from your mother and father same like if one of your guardians have an unusual hairline then you may have it by genes. 

Stress Alopecia: 

Another factor that usually common in females as compared to men is stress alopecia. It is produced by hypertension and anxiety, making braids tightly and other styles that usually pulls on the hair roots. Another way, excessive brushing hairs or pulling them can be a reason of hair strands of the head get thin and make an asymmetrical appearance. 

Patterning Baldness: 

Last but not the least, it always happens due to genetic issues and imbalance hormones conditions and it may lead to permanent hair loss. Usually, an ordinary spot of the unusual hairline will become visible. This factor is familiar that can affect around 18% of males at the age of 17 to 30 and 55% after 40 to onward. 

A note to remember: These hair loss conditions can be treated if they lead to an extreme level of hair fall by medication and surgeries like hair transplant etc. 

Treatments at SKN cosmetics: 

When we attend such candidates who mostly asked about Does an Uneven Hairline Mean That You Are Balding? We always examine them first with their recent hairline condition with few tests like medical and family history or by pulling test. After that, we recommend them suitable treatments if they observing the hair loss situation. If the uneven hairline is caused by the traction alopecia then the dermatologist will advise to change hairstyle and avoid further hairstyling. If the hairline spots are irritating and painful then maybe the dermatologist will prescribe you medication for applying. 

And if a candidate’s irregular hairlines reason is baldness of the pattern-wise then there are few different treatments for hair fall. The most recommended treatments include medication like minoxidil and surgical options are hair transplantation like FUE and FUT. Further details are mentioned below: 


There are different types of medications which are mostly prescribed by dermatologist for preventing hair loss. These medications like minoxidil can be applied to the head is an effective solution for hair fall problems. 

Hair Transplant Treatments:  

A procedure that is performed surgically is known as hair transplanting. It has two methods FUT and FUE whereas the most advanced method is FUE. The transplanting process is performed by extract follicular units from the donor site of the head and inserts them into the recipient site. The hairs will naturally grow and last for a long-lasting period.