Does Blue Water Hair Serum Really Works

The hair fall phenomenon is very common and every 1 out of 5 people experiencing this issue. Many people want an effective method but they are not getting satisfied due to slow results and no major changings. Sometimes, some money-making companies introduce such products for hair growth and an effective solution but the reality is, these are not useful. However, most people ask a frequent question that Does Blue Water Hair Serum Really Work. This article covers all information about these types of serums.

What Is The Blue Water Hair Serum?

The kind of serum which are used to control hair loss problem, hair fall issue and handle hair growth and it supports hair formation. It cannot be used by normal people. Sometimes, the serums are useless for permanent use, such chemicals can be harmful to hair.

Does it Work?

Its working is simple and the serum can be applied on the bottom of the hair and massage slowly on the head. This process can be performed at least 1 to 2 months and 2 times a day. You can’t wash your hair for 3 to 5 hours.

The routine of massaging will slow down the process and it would not be effective, indeed it’s only serum and such solutions are slow for giving immediate outcomes. The outcomes will be seen for lessening time and when a candidate stops applying it, the hair problems will begin again. Paying for such Serum which is useless and at last, you obtained nothing is just a waste of money and time because it is not for long time method to any hair problem, all the advantages go away with only wash. So that’s how serums are not popular as compared to effective hair treatments.

Should You Try It?

According to SKN cosmetics, we don’t recommend such products because different people have different skin type and texture so it will affect people differently. Continuously use of such products may affect health as well and it can’t be used by self. So it’s better to undergo effective treatment as compared to these money-wasting products. You should be better to safe yourself than to be sorry.

Side Effects:

As compare to the effective procedure for hair growth, these items are less effective and more harmful. There are a few common side effects:

  • Health and skin can be affected.
  • Waste of time.
  • Costly method.
  • Avoid applying it directly, it might cause damage to the skin.

What Is An Effective Option?

After knowing about such serums, the best solution for solving hair fall issues and problems are considering hair treatments like FUE, FUT or PRP injections that are performed in one day and give a lot of benefits with miraculous and long-lasting results. Such hair transplantation treatments are effective and improve the personality in just one process as compare to wasting money on useless products.

Our surgeons will suggest you some procedures after reviewing your condition of hair fall and the treatment will also cover preparation session and aftercare instructions.


The results are obtained according to the method that will be performed. Hair transplant methods give long-lasting results to every candidate. The experienced surgeons performed hair treatments and deliver best and desirable outcomes. The before and after photos will be available for previous treatments to show your satisfaction. SKN cosmetics gives promising changes to a personality.

Cost Factors:

If we talk about serum’s cost so it will be expensive e.g. only one bottle of serum will be not enough for hair fall problem and it will be costly for you to buy a serum every month.

As compare to serum, the hair transplantation procedures are effective and they cover all the cost in just one treatment which provides you with long-lasting results.

Some factors can affect the cost, these factors are; the experienced surgeon’s fee, location & reputation of the clinic, the method will be chosen etc. Further, if you want to know more about cost and related queries then feel free to contact us for more details.


If you want to know more about Does Blue Water Hair Serum Really Work? Then don’t hesitate to consult SKN cosmetics for more helpful guidance and effective hair treatments. We are looking forward to you!