Do Planted Hairs Need Any Maintenance

Generally, if you have a good hair transplant and experiencing planted hair in a good manner so it will be effective for you. In many cases, when people undergo hair transplant treatment and after that, they forget how to take care of them or do not follow the prescribed instructions given by their practitioner, the implanted hair become worst from time to time.

Now you might think about Does Planted Hair Need Any Maintenance. This article will cover the instructions you should follow after having hair transplant treatment.

What Do You Need After Hair Treatment?

According to SKN cosmetics, when our patients get hair transplant treatments like FUT, FUE or PRP injections, our experts always prescribed post-operative instructions to a candidate to maintain the treated area and hair. Most people do not take care of their planted hairs because they think the treatment is enough for the new look but it is completely wrong. You should be a little worried about taking care of your hair because this is a very sensitive issue. Some options are important to follow after the hair treatment:

Surgeon’s Advice:

Most of the surgeons doesn’t recommend any specific more maintenance for planted hair at least 7 to 8 days after treatment. Yes, of course, your surgeon will strictly not allowed you to do after having hair treatment. You should be a very active listener when your practitioner is prescribing your instructions.

Aftercare Tips:

The aftercare instructions are necessary to follow right after the hair treatment. Your practitioner will prescribe you some instructions related to your health and planted hair. Such instructions are given according to the candidate’s situation. A few of them are as follows:

  • Do not consume blood thinners.
  • Avoid going out in direct sunlight.
  • Avoid exercise and physical activities for sweating.
  • Eat a healthy diet for proteins.
  • Sleep straight at 90 degrees that’s how you will not be discomfort.
  • Do not use chemical products in start weeks which can affect the treated area.


Your practitioner will prescribe you some medications which you have to use after treatment for avoiding any minor side-effect. If you feel any sort of severe pain or swelling follow the instructions or consult your practitioner.

Schedule A Session If Required:

Yes, of course, you can schedule a consultation session for asking about your maintenance of hair transplantation. If you feel better and want to keep your hair look perfect for long-lasting then we will prefer you to have a session with expert practitioners and follow the instructions.

What Will You Get?

Now you will understand this query that, Does Planted Hair Need Any Maintenance. After knowing the instructions, you will get the best outcomes in maintaining your newly planted hair and your appearance will look amazing.

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