Erectile Dysfunction Injections in Islamabad Pakistan

In the advanced world, there are several possible treatments for curing any type of problems related to a health issue. There is a problem that most of the men experienced due to several medical conditions. Having an issue of erection during sexual intercourse is getting common in men, it can be solved with surgical and non-surgical ways. 

The best Erectile Dysfunction Injection in Islamabad Pakistan is a non-surgical treatment, performed as a P shot same as PRP injection therapy. This blog post will cover all information about the treatment, its results with possible advantages and cost with several factors. Read more for further details.


According to research, several men are reporting the issue of erection and many of them still don’t know about the problem, it is known as Erectile Dysfunction. It is a condition for men where they faced difficulties to keep an erection for having sex. 

Several treatments are performed for this problem, the usually preferred option is a non-surgical way that is performed as p-shot same as PRP injection process. It will improve the flow of blood into the penis that leads to firm erections. It is an effective treatment approach for ED. P shot is just like PRP injection therapy and it stands for Priapus Shot. 

The Expected Results:

The outcomes of this injectable therapy are effective. At our clinic, we deliver satisfied and miraculous results to the undergoing patients. Also, it always depends upon how the patient’s body will react according to his health. Some candidates obtained effective results according to their desire within one procedure and some of them require multiple sessions of the treatment. Moreover, there are two major factors for obtaining successful results, one is to choose an experienced person for the treatment and the other one is to follow the aftercare instructions according to the advice of your doctor. 

Several Benefits:

There are several advantages of this treatment, especially for men. Some of the common and effective benefits are mentioned below: 

  • The erections will get stronger and firmer. 
  • Penile length will increase. 
  • The easiest therapy for achieving an erection. 
  • It resolves penile curvature from Peyronie issues. 
  • The improvements in blood flow. 
  • Active energy and stamina during sexual intercourse. 
  • The safest and effective solution to penile pain with erection. 

The Candidacy Criteria:

According to SKN cosmetics, we require a session before the treatment where our expert will discuss the problem and examine different conditions in the patient. It is necessary to fulfil the candidacy criteria for the treatment whether are you a good candidate or not. Some of the points related to eligibility are mentioned below: 

  • Those who are not using oral ED drugs cause side effects. 
  • Those men are experiencing severe ED issues due to several conditions like high blood pressure obesity, diabetes and many others. 
  • Best for those who need the safest and effective non-surgical therapy. 
  • If someone experiencing nerve-damaging, it is best for them. 

Before The Procedure:

For this treatment, there is no specific preparation for the procedure but it is better to discuss with your practitioner about your health issues and other conditions. Before the treatment, your practitioner may require to take a few body test and blood test. The practitioner will also discuss the procedural steps. 

During The Procedure:

The procedure for Erectile Dysfunction Injection in Islamabad Pakistan is performed in few simple and easy steps. The procedural steps are mentioned below: 

  • Firstly, the numbing cream will be applied to the treated area. 
  • Your own blood will be taken out from the arm typically. After that, it will put into the centrifuge where the blood container will spin and it will get separated into three elements. 
  • From these separated elements, the plasma will be extracted and insert into the syringe. After that, it will be ready to inject on the penis area with different 4 to 5 injections. 
  • In the end, the practitioner will give a penis pump that will be helpful in the flow of the blood into the treated area. The practitioner will suggest to undergoing patient about the repetition of this activity to perform daily at least 10 to 15 minutes for a few weeks. 

This procedure is the non-invasive and quickest procedure in performing, it will take only 60 minutes and sometimes the duration of the procedure extends for taking some breaks for a few minutes. After the procedure, a candidate can go home with an aftercare instruction list. 

Post-Care Instructions And Recovery:

Post-care is necessary after every treatment. In this treatment, your practitioner will prescribe you few instructions related to your treatment and health. You have to follow those instructions for making your desire into reality. There are some common aftercare instructions mentioned below that you should follow after the treatment of ED: 

  • Avoid sexual intercourse activities for a week. 
  • Only limited physical activities can be performed, that’s how sweating doesn’t irritate. 
  • Use prescribed medication for pain or swelling. 
  • If your practitioner prescribed antibiotic then use them variously for the prevention of any infection. 
  • You will be able to resume daily life activities in a routine within few weeks. 

The Cost And Other Factors:

ED Injection Cost in Islamabad Pakistan ranges between 150,000 PKR to 450,000 PKR. it also depends on person to person, there are several factors that can affect the cost of the treatment like the experienced practitioner fee, location and reputation of the clinic, how many sessions will require and other medication if required. Further, if someone wants to know more about the procedure cost and related information then feel free to contact us for more helpful details. 

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Many men out there are experiencing this problem and few of them doesn’t even know what is the problem with them. It is important to educate them and we have treatment options for curing such issues. If someone wants to undergo ED injection treatment then feel free to consult SKN cosmetics. We will provide effective services with satisfying results.