Erectile dysfunction treatment using PRP injection (P-Shot)

PRP injection or P-Shot injection improves the performance of people who suffer from sexual dysfunction. Those who are suffering from this disease may not require surgery after that. You also do not require any downtime to recover. There is also no any discomfort from the said procedure. Erectile dysfunction treatment using PRP injection (P-Shot) involves taking platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and injecting it into the penis. The underlying principle of this treatment is that your doctor will inject your own cells and tissues into the area. This process will promote penile tissue growth. In this way, the erection will increase.

What is PRP?

In PRP therapy, your body receives an injection of concentrated platelets from your own blood. Normal wound healing and processes like blood clotting involve platelets. PRP falls under the category of regenerative autologous treatments, which means it is made from your own blood and has the ability to encourage cellular regeneration and tissue repair. One of the blood cells in our bodies is the platelet, which when stimulated can release proteins and growth factors.

What the Priapus Shot Can Do for You?

The P-Shot, also known as the Priapus Shot, is used to treat other conditions as well. Additionally, it can improve sex and aid in ED advertence. This quick, painless procedure helps men maintain their powerful, satisfying erections by utilizing the healing properties of their own blood. The Priapus Shot can keep nerves and blood vessels healthy and functioning properly by continuously enhancing the rejuvenation of blood vessels and penile tissue.

What is the P-Shot used for?

The P-Shot is based on PRP therapy, which is being investigated for the treatment of chronic health conditions as well as for recovery from muscle and joint injuries. The P-Shot has, in essence, been used as an alternative form of treatment in situations like:

  • erectile dysfunction (ED)
  • lichen sclerosis
  • Peyronie’s disease is a condition in which scar tissue makes the penis curve when it’s erect
  • penis enhancement
  • general sexual function, performance, and orgasm enhancement

Here’s What to Expect in Your P-Shot® Appointment at Our Facility:

  • We will draw the blood from the patient at our clinic.
  • The concentration of growth factors happens using a special centrifuge technique.
  • We will use local anaesthesia to numb specific penis regions before PRP injections.
  • After injection by our best dermatologist in Islamabad, it will promote blood flow in the blood vessels and the growth of new tissue, enabling an increase in size, sexual endurance, and performance.
  • Enjoy a healthier and happier sexual life free from side effects because PRP uses the patient’s own blood!

Is the PRP Intimate shot painful?

No. You receive complete anaesthesia before the procedure. You might experience a strange but not necessarily painful pressure. On a scale of 0 to 10, most patients rate their level of pain as 0 to 2.

What Are the Benefits of Getting the P-Shot®?

You can gain a number of advantages as the wholesome tissue in your penis regenerates, including:

  • an improved sensitivity
  • better sexual endurance
  • greater length and girth of your penis and increased blood flow to it
  • During sex, erections become more robust and firm.
  • less likelihood of ejaculating before it’s time

Potential negative effects and complications:

Following the injection, you may experience a few mild side effects that should subside in four to six days, including:

  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • bruises

The following rare complications could occur:

If you have a history of the herpes simplex virus, you may experience infection-causing cold sore outbreaks that leave scars.

When Should I Expect Results?

Some people notice results right away. The majority of people will start to see results in a few weeks, with the full benefits appearing after three months.

Is the Cost of a P-shot Covered by Insurance?

Any health insurance provider typically covers P-shot when used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED). It is crucial that you speak with your doctor or a member of our insurance team before getting the shot.

What to Expect During the Recovery Period?

Quick healing occurs. The same day or the following, you ought to be able to get back to your regular schedule, including work and school. To prevent infecting the injection sites, wait a few days before engaging in sexual activity. For a few days, try to avoid doing any strenuous physical activity so that sweating or chafing won’t irritate the area.

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