Everything You Need to Know about Chin and Jawline contouring in Islamabad

Who does not love a perfect jawline? A plastic surgeon can reshape or volumize the jawline in an aesthetic procedure. After treatment, the jawline, neck, and other facial features are more distinct. Dermal filler injections are the most common jawline-shaping therapy. This technique reshapes the jawline more practically.

Therapy aims to sharpen, enhance, and shape the jawline. This minimally invasive procedure improves facial proportions subtly yet significantly. It can also balance the profile and enhance the jawline. Both men and women can shape their jaw and chin lines with dermal fillers.

It uses non-surgical methods to generate a gorgeous and realistic facial shape. As a bonus, it will straighten the jawline and contour the unshaped jaw. It yields impressive and accurate results. Dermal fillers used by a competent dermatologist to contour the jawline are the most convenient way to get a precise shape.

How should one prepare for treatment?

Before starting therapy, schedule a consultation with a dermatologist or cosmetic practitioner. This phase will evaluate whether non-surgical jawline contouring is right for you.

If you’re qualified, you can schedule your first visit. Use a mild cleaner the day before your appointment. Cosmetics, lotions, moisturisers, and topical medications are not advised. You should be mentally and physically ready before injectable treatment.

Prior to having this treatment, try to have a healthy lifestyle. You must quit alcohol and tobacco, for instance. The doctor will also advise you to stop using blood thinners, like aspirin, to avoid further issues.

Muscle relaxants are commonly injected into the masseter muscle in the rear of the jaw during these injections. This relaxes rigid muscles, rounding the jawline. Multiple injections may be needed depending on the masseter muscle’s size and goals. Improvements from jawline filler injections last four to six months. However, regular follow-ups can boost results.


This effective treatment has many benefits, some of which are described below:

  • Face symmetry will be establish.
  • You will naturally look younger.
  • This procedure is less invasive.
  • No downtime is allowed during this process.
  • Candidates can see results in two weeks.
  • This will enhance and sculpt your jaw.
  • Self-confidence and self-esteem will rise.

What Are The Results?

The therapy will produce immediate, effective, and desired outcomes, so you won’t need to recover. It only takes a suitable adjustment to do this injectable treatment without downtime. Remember that this non-invasive jawline shaping method yields transitory results. Touch-up sessions are needed when it becomes boring.

However, choosing an expert who can flawlessly perform your therapy is crucial. You can only get the results you want from professional and knowledgeable aestheticians. Otherwise, you risk receiving the worst outcomes and being charged twice.

Post-task care instructions:

After the operation, the doctor will provide you with maintenance tips to prolong the benefits. The following aftercare guidelines must be followed:

  • Avoid tobacco and alcohol.
  • Avoid herbal supplements and blood-thinning drugs.
  • Apply ice packs to minimize redness and swelling.
  • Avoiding makeup and other facial cosmetics is recommended.
  • Avoid touching, pressing, scratching, or rubbing your face unless required.
  • Avoid short-term workouts.
  • Any reaction should be reported to your surgeon immediately.

Other jawline-improvement options:

If your jaw problem does not qualify for jawline shaping, the skncosmetics offers other treatments. Additionally, it offers surgical and non-surgical treatments. Fat reduction injections for jaw restoration are becoming more popular.

  • Lipo neck surgery.
  • PDO The method is Thread Lifting.
  • Surgery for double chin.
  • Surgery on the jaw.


The cost of Jawline Contouring Treatment in Islamabad depends on several factors, including your concerns and preferences. These include the skilled practitioner fee, clinic location and reputation, complete dermal injections, sessions, and jawline contouring size. However, the price ranges from PKR 35,000.

The price will be set after considering these factors. First, you must meet with the practitioner to discuss the details and your concerns. After that, you can phone or visit our clinic anytime.

Get ready for your appointment!

Do you want symmetrical jawline perfection? Injectable jawline contouring may be the most effective method. To get this treatment, you must visit a reputable cosmetic clinic, such as SKN Cosmetics. Book a FREE consultation by filling out the form below!