Exercise Allowed After HIFU Treatment in Islamabad?

HIFU is a noninvasive cosmetic operation which uses sound waves (electric current vibrations) to raise the skin of the skin and reduce the unwanted appearance of wrinkles.

However, HIFU does not produce images. Instead, it uses highly focused sound waves to change or delete bodily tissues. These ultrasonic rays can pass through numerous layers of tissue, including your skin, without causing damage. Doctors manage, guide, and check high-frequency ultrasound (HIFU) using MRI or ultrasound imaging. But can you exercise after HIFU?

What is HIFU?

High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) is a leading, safe, non-invasive, and user-friendly approach for skin surface rejuvenation and anti-aging. This tissue-based face freshness technique is improving the patronage rate since it permits singularity and increases duration.

No major surgery is needed for this ultraformer therapy. Your doctor does routine ultrasound scans to evaluate your body for several reasons. 

How does HiFU work?

Collagen keeps skin supple. However, collagen levels decline as we age, resulting in the appearance of creases and drooping skin. HIFU tonifies skin, decreases wrinkles, and makes the skin look ten years younger.

A device affixed to the skin generates ultrasonic waves that warm dermal layers and stimulate collagen production throughout the operation. Although most patients experience no pain, some may suffer some discomfort during therapy.

Who Should Get HIFU?

  • Mild to moderate ageing signs
  • People seeking non-surgical skin rejuvenation
  • Excellent health overall
  • Having fair results expectations

What happens before HIFU?

HIFU often requires an MRI or ultrasound before starting, which makes it easier to specify where your doctor should focus. Your doctor will provide detailed instructions to prepare you for HIFU.

What happens during HIFU?

Most HIFU procedures require lying or sitting down. A frame holds your head still, and a gadget holds breast tissue. The doctor can employ any of these devices to stabilize the treated area.

You may be awake, lying, or sleeping, as your level of consciousness will vary depending on the situation. The doctor will either use an MRI or ultrasound to obtain the precise spot of the problem. HIFU is placed above or on a tissue to target it. Prostate cancer patients may have the probe inserted into their rectum.


It is crucial to stay out of direct light and put on sunscreen SPF 50+. Sunbeams accelerate skin ageing, causing not only wrinkles but spots and sagging. In addition, ultraviolet A rays harm skin elastin and collagen, which may reduce HIFU treatment efficiency. To avoid overheating your skin, avoid hot baths, hard exercise, and saunas for 48 hours.

HIFU Treatment Benefits:

The following are HIFU treatment benefits:

Non-Invasive Nature:

HIFU is nice because it doesn’t require entry points or stitches. It is safer than surgical facelifts since it lowers complications, confusion, and time off work.

High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) stimulates collagen formation, improving skin suppleness, firmness, and solidity. This natural process lifts revitalizes, and repairs.

Treatment precision and specificity:

High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) targets specific skin layers to supply energy to the body’s most needy places. Due to its accuracy, the treatment is more likely to succeed and be effective.

Long-term effects:

HIFU therapies have long-term effects on many patients, while results vary. Collagen stimulation continues for months, improving skin texture and tone.

High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) helps treat wrinkles, sparse differences, listed skin, and skin laxity. The face, neck, and décolletage are typical places for application.

HIFU Treatment Costs in Islamabad:

HIFU treatment in Islamabad, Pakistan, may cost PKR 25,000 per session. However, depending on therapy goals and aims, consulting a qualified practitioner is crucial for accurately estimating the cost.

Can We Do Excercise After HIFU?

High-intensity focused Ultrasound (HIFU) is a method generally employed for treating conditions. After utilizing the HIFU in Islamabad or downtown, it is vital to adhere to the directives given by your healthcare provider. As with most of the recommended points, they include suggestions about the appropriate level of physical activity and exercise.

In general, light physical activities like walking are typically permitted after the Hifu procedure to enhance general circulation and help in faster healing. On the other hand, strenuous exercises or fastening of the treated region might be restricted for a specific time, which may interrupt the healing process or discomfort it.

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