Fox Eyes Treatment Cost in Islamabad

The fox eye treatment is a quick and easy way to make your eyes look younger. Moreover, many people choose this surgery along with other cosmetic treatments. Additionally, it got its name from the beautiful almond-shaped eyes of a fox. Everyone who wants to look young and attractive can also consider this treatment. Moreover, if you think this treatment, you need to know what Fox Eyes Treatment Cost in Islamabad are. Therefore, in this blog, you will read everything in detail to decide wisely about the treatment option.

Understanding Fox Eyes Treatment:

Raising the outer corner of your eye can make your eyes look bigger and more lifted. It can also shape your brows in a smooth, upward-sloping way. Moreover, it is popular among people who want to improve the look of their faces. It makes people look younger, more beautiful, and more confident.

Possible Ways to Treat Fox Eyes:

There are many cosmetic procedures available for the fox eye treatment. Following are some famous processes.

Surgical Brow Lift:

It is also known as a forehead lift. It is a surgical procedure that involves moving and lifting the brow to make the face look younger and more raised. Additionally, it works well for treating mild to severe brow ptosis or drooping and can give long-lasting benefits.

Non- Surgical Brow Lift:

A non-surgical brow lift uses cosmetic injectables like Botox or facial fillers. Many people consider it to achieve the Fox Eyes look without surgery. Experts inject this injection in certain places to rest the muscles around the eyes and lift the face. Dermal fillers, on the other hand, can add volume and shape to the skin to make it look lifted.

Thread Lift:

A thread lift is a minimally invasive treatment that lifts and tightens flabby tissue by putting dissolvable threads under the skin. This method can lift the brows and the outer corners of the eyes. Additionally, it will make the general shape of the eyes look better in a slight but visible way.

How Does the Fox Eye Lift Procedure Work?

The surgeon will make a small incision into the skin near the eyebrow, then remove a wedge-shaped tissue from behind the forehead. The temporalis fascia connects the skin to the deeper layers. Additionally, they will make stitches to close the skin.  

This kind of cosmetic surgery does not require a stay in the hospital. It is a short process that may take about an hour. You will get local anesthesia before the surgery. After the surgery, the patient goes home right away. Doctors recommend painkillers and medicines to heal correctly and get the best results.

Cost of Fox Eyes Treatment:

The Cost of Fox Eyes Treatment in Islamabad is 45,000 PKR. However, depending on your doctor’s process or technique, it can change a lot. Further, the provider’s skill level, location, and other treatments or services also affect the price. Therefore, by consulting an expert, you can get the exact cost of the treatment.

Surgical treatments, like a brow lift, usually cost more upfront than non-surgical choices, like Botox or facial fillers. Due to their specific training and skill, experienced doctors or aestheticians charge more. The cost of Fox Eyes treatments can change depending on the practice’s location. Clinics in big cities usually charge more because of higher demand and higher overhead costs.

Final Thoughts:

Getting the Fox Eyes look can be life-changing. Moreover, it can make your face look more harmonious and radiant. Additionally, whether you choose a surgical brow lift, non-surgical injectables, or a thread lift, your doctor can tell you the exact cost. Moreover, you must carefully consider how much money you need to get the desired results. Talking to a skilled and experienced provider can help you learn about your treatment choices. Therefore, you can consider costs and get trendy and attractive eyes.

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