Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Transplant Surgery Islamabad

Most Frequently Ask Questions About Hair Transplant:

SKN Cosmetics Surgery involves use of variable techniques for providing benefits to its patients by undergoing micro graft procedures. Here are answers to all the questions that usually crop up among the sufferers before deciding for hair transplantation.

  • How surgery is performed?

It includes relocation of follicular units. The bald resistant hair follicles that are usually extractedc from the back of scalp are implanted into the areas of baldness. Results last for life time because extracted grafts from the back of scalp are genetically resistant to baldness.

  • Is it a safe procedure?

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. Once the skin is anesthetized, it doesn’t feel any pain or discomfort during the procedure. You can watch TV, listen to the songs, read a book or talk to your friends following the procedure.

  • What is the ideal age for hair transplant?

The ideal age for undergoing transplantation technique is 40 and above. During this period, most of the people face balding issues. But it doesn’t mean that people under age of 40 years can’t get Hair Transplant Islamabad for them. They can also go for the treatment after consulting experts and clearing laboratory tests.

  • Is transplant a reasonable option for women too?

With the advancements in medical science and technologies, many women with pattern hair loss are also selected for the candidacy of hair transplant. The two most common factors include ratio of donor & recipient area and patient’s expectations for the treatment.

  • How long does the procedure take?

The procedure of hair transplant surgery is performed on out-patient basis. Typically, a session of 1500-3000 grafts takes about a day for completing the whole procedure. You are always allowed to go home on the very same day once the treatment is done.

  • How long does it take to show new hair growth?

The process of hair growth is a slow process even in people who don’t experience hair loss. Initial growth of new hairs is usually observed after 3-4 months. As hairs start to grow on area of baldness, the final results will take about 8-12 months.

  • Does it deliver permanent results?

As genetically bald-resistant hair follicles from donor are transplanted into the balding areas, they will continue to grow during your entire life. But exception is that, you may suffer hair loss in the untreated areas and may seek surgery in the future.

  • What risks are involved in transplanting hair?

As such, no risks are involved. The reason is that our clinic is having extremely strict medical protocols for ensuring the best and safest hair treatment. We have performed number of surgeries and our quality control system is unique in hair restoration.

  • How is hair transplant different from hair wigs?

For the issues of baldness and hair thinning, wigs/hair piece offers temporary solution that requires constant maintenance. In contrast, hair transplant is a permanent solution to your hair issues. Moreover, it is a one-time procedure and cheaper than hair piece.

  • What other hair-related services does SKN offer?

With the expertise and skills of surgeon & team, we provide number of treatment according to patient’s needs. These include beard, moustache, eye-lash and eye-brow transplant. Beside these, we also offer PRP, mesotherapy and non-surgical hair solutions.