Hair Loss During the Pregnancy

Hair issues are a very common problem in 60% of women who are facing hair fall during pregnancy. Some of them have thick hair during this period because they have high levels of the hormone estrogen that slower the hair shedding but few of them experienced thin hair or fall during the pregnancy period. So, some mother to be candidates has to face Hair Loss During Pregnancy. Read more for further details related to this topic. Female Hair Transplant is Available at our Clinic.

Reasons For Hair Fall:

Every person have their health condition level and problem, all people have different bodies and function. If we talk about a women-related issue which they experience hair fall during pregnancy period is also different from each other. Some women don’t experience such kind of hair fall but it is not an issue to be worried about. There can be many causes for losing hair pregnant candidate, some of them are as following: 

Hormonal Shift: There are a lot of candidates who mostly experienced thin hair and hair fall cause of stress or due to any shock. This situation is known as telogen-effluvium. Due to hormonal shift, it may not appear right away however it may take 2 to 4 months to observe thin hair. You don’t have to worry about it because it is not a permanent hair fall and not last longer than six to seven months. 

Health Issue: Even though a Normal person has health issues as well and when a candidate is growing a baby, it means there is a lot of work for your body to do. Mostly, it increases health issues which include: High-blood pressure, hyperemesis, hormone imbalance, and gestational diabetes, low efficiency of vitamins, poor nutrition, any illness, and genetics problems. 

Treatment For Hair Fall:

The hair that falls during and after the pregnancy period might not require any specific treatment. It will solve in its own time. If you’re getting worried about it then your practitioner will advise you to have patience, the medication can’t be prescribed to a pregnant candidate during this period or after the birth of a little one. It will be good for you but after some months. 

Many hair treatments are not suggested during the period, it will regrowth after some time. Your best resource is your practitioner for helping you knowing about the pros and cons of different options related to hair treatments. It will be best for you to consult the practitioner before trying anything by yourself. 

Prevention of Hair Fall:

According to SKN cosmetics, we prefer you to consult us to take good care of your hair during the pregnancy period. It will help you out during this period and you don’t have to try any medication and treatment. After reviewing the condition of Hair Loss During Pregnancy, the practitioner will suggest to you some instructions for preventing hair fall during the period. Some of the common are the following: 

  • You should eat healthy according to your taste and take a good diet during this period. One of the reasons for hair fall during pregnancy is low nutrition. 
  • Ask your practitioner for suitable and safe medication or supplements that may boost up the energy level. 
  • Try to skip tight braid, high pony, and buns which are also the reason for hair fall. 
  • Wash the hairs gently and politely. 
  • You should use a wide-toothed comb during this period. 
  • Strictly avoid heat rollers, straighteners, or other hairstyling because they damage your hair badly. 
  • It will be good for your hair if you use volume adding shampoos and conditioners. And try to avoid chemical products. 
  • Another good suggestion, when you are in the pregnancy period you can have a short haircut like a bob which can also prevent your hair to fall. 

All Summed Up!

All in one, it is not a common condition for a mother to be, you should take good care of yourself and try not to experience such issues by taking a good diet and other good stuff. It always happened due to Hormone changes or other health conditions but don’t take stress because the hair growth cycle should be resume from time to time. 

If you still noticing this issue after delivery and a year later, then you need to consult your specialist for treating hair loss