Hair Transplant Cost in Islamabad Pakistan 2021

In the new decade, hair transplant is getting more effective and almost every man and woman, young or older want to undergo this procedure because it is the safest treatment for hair. Hair fall is a serious problem that anyone can’t ignore. It has become seen at a very early age and it should be treated on time. You may have a query in your mind related to Hair Transplant Cost in Islamabad Pakistan 2022. This blog post defines the average cost and a few factors that can affect it.

About Hair Transplant:

First of all, let us define the treatment of hair transplant. It is a process of transplanting hair follicles unit from the donor area to empty areas of the scalp. Hair transplantation gives long-lasting results to a candidate and a lot of benefits. It can be performed in different methods by expert surgeons. There are two main methods of hair transplant that are performed mostly.

  • FUE technique of extraction follicle units.
  • FUT technique, known as a strip extraction method.

There is no special age limit required for it and both men and women can undergo this treatment. Your practitioner will prescribe you a few instructions before the procedure and on the day of treatment, it will be performed in the clinic and under local anesthesia. The total duration of the treatment is 4 to 6 hours and it also depends on how much you need transplanting hair follicles.

Hair Transplant Cost:

 Hair Transplant Cost in Islamabad Pakistan 2022 ranges from 85,000 PKR to 400,000 PKR. It is a cosmetic procedure that most insurance companies don’t cover. You have to pay for it from your pocket. The cost details are always discussed before the procedure so that’s how a candidate get a rough idea about how much it will charge.

Cost Factors:

After the exact cost, it also depends on the number of a few factors. These are the factors where your cost of treatment can be affected.

Experienced Surgeon Fee:

It is a factor where your cost will be affected when you choose an expert and experienced hair transplant surgeon. Obviously, experts give high success rates in results by their skills and you will have to pay for their experience. You can select your expert surgeon in the initial consultation session.

Location and Reputation Of The Clinic:

When you have to travel from one city to another, it will charge you because you will travel for treatment and knowing the reputation of the clinic so it will also affect your cost.  

Type of Procedure:

The expense also depends on the method of procedure, different hair transplant methods have different cost rates so when you choose a suitable method for your treatment, make sure about the cost. The Hair Transplant Cost in Islamabad Pakistan 2022 is different as compared to previous years.

Anaesthesia And Other Medication:

Sometimes, a few candidates need a light level of local anaesthesia and few of them need more due to pain and irritation. Another, after the treatment pain medication is required for the recovery period, anti-inflammatory medicine to manage swelling if appear on the treated area and few antibiotics to reduce the risk of any minor infection. Whereas, if infections occur then it is necessary to treat it. It is a potential additional expense that will affect your cost of treatment.

Tests And Medical Reports If Required:

Before undergoing a procedure, to understand the hair fall reason your practitioner will require some basic tests and medical reports for knowing the reason for your hair fall. So, the cost will be affected after these basic tests.

All summed up!

So, the hair transplant cost is always discussed in the initial session before the treatment and all the factors are also discussed. After that, you will call up for treatment.