Hair transplant Dense Packing for dense hair

The hair restoration approaches that are on offer these days are numerous and are quite innovative, which is why those who want to go through such procedures have different choices. They can go for non-invasive procedures such as scalp micro pigmentation which does not promise long-lasting results but is a good start for a prospect hair transplant or they can go directly for a hair transplantation procedure through one of the accessible methods.

The most employed technique in SKN Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Islamabad is the Follicular Unit Extraction – FUE method which can be used to achieve remarkable results on patients suffering from severe hair loss. One of the divisions of the FUE method is the high-density implant, also identified as a dense packing transplant.

What is a dense packing hair transplant?

Dense packing hair transplant can be well-defined as a thickening technique that is used to accomplish a high density of the hairline of a patient having a hair transplant surgery.  This procedure is usually carried out on males suffering from minor hair loss. However, those suffering from severe hair loss can also benefit from this technique, but more hair transplant procedures should be done in order to attain a highly-dense hairline.

Determining the suitability for a dense packing hair transplant:

In order to make sure a patient is suitable for the dense packing procedure, he should consult our expert Doctors at SKN Cosmetic Surgery Clinic. After the consultation, our doctors will determine if the patient can undergo a hair transplant procedure. First of all the density of the patient’s hair will be measured with the help of an electronic microscope, the diameter of the hair shaft will also be measured.

In order to compare FUE hair transplant with dense packing, it should be noted that through the FUE method, the doctors implant an average of 50 to 60 grafts which is equivalent to almost 100 hairs per square centimeter. While using the dense packing technique, the amount of implanted hair grafts can grow up to three times.

Our surgeons will guide the patients who are suffering from hair loss on the best procedures they can benefit from in order to achieve the desired outcomes. 

Benefits of dense packing:

Dense packing can offer pronounced results, which is the most important benefit of this procedure. It also allows for personalized procedures for different parts of the patient’s head and will help them get the right density of their hairline. This procedure also denotes an improved spreading of the hair grafts on the hair and thus helps in achieving more natural-looking results.

Hair Density after Dense Packing

The results of dense Packing hair transplant varies from person to person. The ultimate density of hair depends on the color and diameter of hair shaft. Also, texture of hair and skin color plays a very important role in the final outcome. Most surgeons expect to achieve higher density on the front region of the head because that is the most noticeable part.

The results of dense packing are also some of the greatest, especially for those who need to have more than one hair transplant procedure or who have a balding pattern that is hard to hide. Dense packing can also be useful during an ordinary hair transplant through the FUE  method.

In order to determine if you are a good candidate for dense packing, we invite you to contact us for a consult in our SKN Cosmetic Surgery Clinic. We will deliver you with specialized hair transplant services which will be personalized according to your desires and type of hair loss pattern.