Hair Transplant For Brown Hairs In Islamabad

What Is A Hair Transplant?

The transplanting of hair is a type of methodology that will reallocate the hair from one location to another from their own body. This is a less invasive methodology that is being performed and this is most commonly utilized for baldness of boys or men.
For candidates who have a specific color of hair, for instance, the most common color of hair is brown so the good news is Hair Transplant For Brown Hairs In Islamabad transplants the hair with placement in the region of the receiver’s scalp.

Recommendation From Our Experts:

We recommend you start your initial procedure with the therapy of PRP, which strengthens the existing hair which is diminishing. It helps to enhance the area of hair that already exists. This is a safer methodology with no involvement of incisions.
But the best solution for baldness is transplanting hair. It is the production method to amplify the quantity or thickness of hair.

What Is The Procedure?

According to SKN Clinic, the methodology will start with the specialist by eliminating the healthy hairs. To deliver an outcome that looks natural, the practitioner may eliminate the hair that is healthy by removing the hair of the client or cutting the strip of the skin that has good healthy hair.
The dermatologist will get ready to eliminate the hairs before transplanting the hair.

What Are The Pros and Cons Of The Treatment?

Pros Of The Methodology

Cons Of The Methodology

o   Baldness will be removed.

o   A Hairline that appears natural.

o   The surgery is cost-effective.

o   Haircare will require less maintenance.

o   Self-esteem will be improved.

o   The appearance will be enhanced.

o   Bleeding will be caused excessively.

o   The Infection will be caused.

o   Burning of follicles of the hair.

o   Blemished scalp.

o   Bumpy scalp.

o   Losing sensations.


Who Are The Ideal Candidates?

Transplant For Brown Hairs In Islamabad has specific requirements and conditions that make the candidate ideal for hair transplanting. Clients for Hair Transplant include:

  • Transplanting of hair plays a good role with a specific color of hair.
  • The rate of success relies on the form and hair thickness.
  • If the individual has a flexible scalp.
  • The candidate should not suffer from any disease of the scalp.
  • If the individual is capable of affording the methodology of transplanting hair.

The Outcome & Rate Of Success:

As per SKN Clinic, the outcome is long-term and permanent. The individual will begin to feel the growth of hair after two to three months when the procedure heals completely. The outcomes will be observed within a year, delivering a natural and thicker hair growth.
The rate of success of implantation of the hair is 87 percent to 97 percent, this shows that the methodology is successful.

Instructions To Be Followed After The Treatment:

It is important to follow the guidance after the procedure, the most common are:

  • Refrain from smoking.
  • Do not drink.
  • Stop taking other medicines.
  • Restrain from taking blood thinners.
  • Take painkillers if you observe any pain.
  • Avoid touching the scalp.
  • Drink a lot of water.
  • Take a healthy diet.
  • Do not dye your hair.
  • Avoid using chemical products.

A Word From Us!

The transplant of hair is an effective method and it is an advanced aesthetic methodology that delivers a long-term solution and eases you to get rid of baldness and remodels the appearance of the face.
We are hereby on your side to sort out your issue and give you an unforgettable experience. Here we have experts with great experience and professionals who will deal with your concern with extreme care. We assure you to give you the most effective outcome.