hair transplant in Islamabad

Hair loss is a very common condition almost 50% of the female and 60% of men are suffering with of all ages. Hair loss can strike males as young as their early twenties under the worst circumstance. However baldness may impact teenagers and adults, hair loss in your twenties can be alarming. 80% of hair problems are due to male/female baldness, which is caused by hormonal fluctuations or heredity (having a family history of baldness). Baldness at a young age may have a negative influence on a person’s appearance or self-esteem, prompting many people to explore a hair transplant as a potential treatment. 

Despite what other individuals experience, hair loss or baldness affects anyone at any age. Just as the density of follicles on the crown of the head appears to be changing doesn’t imply you should start fretting and looking for remedies to correct the problem. But if you are struggling with harsh baldness and want to achieve an attractive outlook for the long term then a hair transplant is considered the best choice for you.  

Here’s how to tell if a  Hair Transplant for Young Adults in Islamabad  offered by SKN Cosmetics is your potential choice as a teenager or young adult. 

Is This a Smart Option For You?

When young people develop conditions like hair fall or baldness, they become overwhelmed. In these situations, an early hair transplant may appear to be a viable alternative for restoring their cherished strands. Is this, nonetheless, still a smart option? Young patients should be aware that while transplanted hair may hold steady, hair loss is a gradual process. 

Who Can Become a Candidate?

Patients who are seeking a hair transplant meet with the surgeon for a medical check and to clarify their objectives. This information is required to determine their appropriateness for the treatment. 

Younger patients are better options on average since they are healthier and have more reasonable goals. It should also be noted that becoming a non-drinker and a non-smoker are also important factors for anybody seeking a career change. 

Age Impacts On End-Results

Hair transplant are ideal for those who still retain hair on the back and sides of their heads, because the front and crown may be reconstructed to mimic the original hair follicles’ location, alignment, and angle. Hair Transplant for Young Adults in Islamabad may get affected by age as it gives out different end-results like:  

  • The 18 – 25 age gap has fewer best outcomes might develop adverse cosmetic advancements. Most surgeons recommend waiting for a little for the best results. 
  • 25 – 30 age gap experiences desired outcomes and long-lasting effects. 

Benefits Of Having Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant has various benefits like: 

  • Eliminated Baldness 
  • Natural Looking Hairline 
  • Enhances the Appearance  
  • Maintain Self-Esteem 
  • Minimized Hair Care 
  • Affordable Cost Treatment 

Are There Any Risk Factors?

Scarring is by far the most prevalent adverse effect, and no technique can eliminate it. 

The following are some more possible adverse effects: 

  • Infections
  • Around the surgery areas, there may be a crusty or fluid leakage. 
  • Tingling, itchiness, and puffiness of the scalp 
  • Hair follicle irritation 
  • Bleeding 
  • Around the surgical areas, there is a loss of feeling 
  • Hair that doesn’t match the rest of the head or is visibly thinner 
  • If you’re still losing hair, it’s because you’re balding. 

Note: You must avoid placing the donors and receiver areas to reduce such hazards. It’s also crucial never to scratch at the scabs (if they occur). 


To achieve the desire outcomes and avoid any inconveniences it is recommended to wait till you are about 20. By that time you are healthy enough (both physically and mentally) and understand what to expect.  

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