How Do Dermatologists Find Out What’s Causing Hair Loss in Islamabad?

Losing hair can be upsetting and make you feel bad. However, finding the reason for hair loss is the first step to treating it effectively. Moreover, it is best to see a board-certified dermatologist to get a correct evaluation. Furthermore, doctors know a lot about the reasons people lose hair. Moreover, they have the best knowledge and the experience to handle all of them. Additionally, they make personalized treatment plans. Read this blog to understand how dermatologists find out what causes hair loss in Islamabad.

Understanding Hair Loss:

Hair loss is medically known as Alopecia. Moreover, it has many causes. Further, you may lose hair due to genes, changes in hormones, medical conditions, and how you live your life. Therefore, the first step in making a correct diagnosis is to know the type and trend of hair loss.

How Do Dermatologists Find Out What’s Causing Hair Loss in Islamabad?

There are specific ways for dermatologists to find out what causes hair loss in Islamabad. Therefore, dermatologists in Islamabad use various methods to identify the root causes of hair loss. However, it includes detailed medical history, scalp examination, and advanced diagnostic methods. Furthermore, such methods are scalp biopsies and tracheoscopy. These methods can reveal

  •  Genetic predispositions,
  •  Hormonal imbalances,
  •  Medical conditions, and
  •  Lifestyle choices.

Best Dermatologists for Hair Loss Treatment in Islamabad:

SKN Cosmetics Islamabad has certified dermatologists who can treat your hair loss. Moreover, they customize treatment plans to meet individual needs. Further, to determine the cause of hair loss, they will gather information about the patient’s history, physical appearance, and hair health.

Moreover, if hair loss is suspected to be due to illness, sickness, vitamin shortage, or hormone imbalance, they will conduct a blood test or head sample. Additionally, the doctor can usually determine the cause of hair loss once the information is available. However, they may need additional information if multiple reasons are present.  

Different Methods of Diagnosis:

Dermatologists use several testing methods to figure out why people lose their hair. A careful look at the head, hair cells, and hair quality helps doctors determine how and why people lose their hair. Therefore, they use the following methods to diagnose it.

  • Scalp Biopsy:Sometimes, a scalp biopsy is done to look at tissue samples under a microscope. It can help doctors figure out why someone is losing their hair, like if there is inflammation or damage.
  • Blood Tests: Thyroid problems or hormone changes are some medical issues. Moreover, there may be hormonal imbalances that blood tests can help find when hair loss occurs.
  • Tracheoscopy: This procedure uses a unique tool to enlarge and look closely at the scalp and hair cells. Therefore, it helps doctors determine what is wrong with different hair and scalp diseases.

Treatment Approaches:

Once doctors know what is causing hair loss, they make personalized treatment plans that may include:

  • Oral Medicines: Doctors may recommend drugs like minoxidil and finasteride to slow down hair loss and help hair grow back.
  • Topical Treatments: You can put treatments on your head that contain minoxidil or corticosteroids to make hair grow faster and lessen pain.
  • Nutritional Supplements: To help hair stay healthy and grow, dermatologists may suggest supplements with vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients.
  • Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment: In PRP treatment, concentrated platelets from the patient’s blood are injected into the head to help hair follicles grow and heal.
  • Hair Transplant: The last and more successful option for considerable hair loss. Therefore, if you are losing your hair in many places, the doctor may recommend this. Moreover, it moves healthy hair cells from one part of your head to areas where your hair is falling.

Final Thoughts:

Dermatologists are very important when it comes to assessing and treating hair loss. They use a mix of testing methods and personalized treatment plans to get to the root of the problem. People who want to restore their hair health can start by figuring out why they are losing their hair in the first place.

Consult with certified and experienced dermatologists at SKN Cosmetics Islamabad for a personalized treatment plan.