How long does facial reconstruction take

Congenital birth defects may consist of issues related to burns, trauma, cancer surgery, and disease. Blinking, smiling, talking, and eating can all be impacted. The damage to bone and soft tissue can be a cause. With the goal of enhancing function and enhancing a person’s self-confidence, facial components can be remodeled. A facial plastic surgeon may employ bodily tissues to reconstruct facial structures. For example, during a microvascular free tissue transfer, often known as a “free flap,” the surgeon may remove skin, bone, or muscle from another area of the patient’s body to create new facial features. This blog will explain to you How long does facial reconstruction take?

Types of Facial Reconstruction Surgery:

Procedures for facial reconstruction include the following:

  • Following cancer surgery, the parts of the face, head, and neck are rebuilt.
  • Reconstructing the nose
  • Correction of cleft lip and palate
  • Reconstructed ears
  • Treatment for facial trauma
  • A reanimated face
  • Transfer of microvascular-free tissue
  • Reconstructed nose
  • Scar therapy
  • Skin cancer Mohs surgery and after repair
  • Brain surgery

Facial Reconstruction Surgical Procedures:

  1. Ear Reconstruction (Microtia)
  2. Functional Brow/Eyelid Lift
  3. Functional Nasal Surgery & Nasal Valve Repair (Septoplasty)
  4. Revision Rhinoplasty (Revision Nasal Surgery)
  5. Skin Cancer Reconstruction

Ear Reconstruction (Microtia):

When the outer and middle ears don’t fully develop, it’s known as microtia. Patients with microtia have a little protrusion or nub where their outer (external) ear should be instead of a typical ear.

Functional Brow/Eyelid Lift

  • The appearance of wrinkle lines can be lessened on your forehead by getting a brow lift, sometimes called a forehead lift. Additionally, brow lifts can fix the following:
  • droopy brows or significant lines between your eyes
  • you have wrinkles between your eyes and on the bridge of your nose.
  • between your eyebrows, vertical frown lines, and
  • visual obstruction caused by wrinkly skin or heavy eyelids.

Functional Nasal Surgery & Nasal Valve Repair (Septoplasty)

  • Any surgery on the inside or outside of your nose that is functional is referred to as nasal surgery. The reconstructive and cosmetic procedure is quite popular. It is employed to
  • a better airway,
  • recognize and fix inequalities that have existed from birth (congenital differences),
  • and alter the nose’s dimensions or contour.
  • patch up a broken nose.

Revision Rhinoplasty (Revision Nasal Surgery)

  • Any surgery carried out on the inside or outside of your nose qualifies as functional nasal surgery. Frequently performed reconstructive and cosmetic procedures include functional nasal surgery. It is applied to:
  • enhance breathing,
  • the right distinctions that have existed from birth (congenital differences),
  • the nose’s size and shape should be altered, or
  • restore damage to the nose.

Skin Cancer Reconstruction

  • It’s critical that you call your doctor right away if you notice a mole or alteration in your skin that seems suspicious. Early skin cancer detection will enable you and your doctor to treat skin cancer promptly and successfully.
  • Request a consultation with one of our facial plastic and reconstructive experts to learn more about your alternatives from a professional.

How long does facial reconstruction take?

You are fully sleeping and pain-free during the procedure (under general anesthesia). The procedure could take 4 to 12 hours or longer. The face’s bones have been chopped and moved in several places. Using microscopic surgery techniques, tissues are manipulated and blood arteries and nerves are rejoined during the procedure.

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