How Much Does Virtue RF Micro-needling Cost in Islamabad?

As we age, we develop more prevalent skin diseases, looser derm, and aging signs. Due to advances in cosmetic and facial treatment, doctors have fostered many new revitalization techniques to benefit you achieve beautiful skin quickly. Fractional radio derma rolling is the most advanced treatment for maturing skin concerns in Islamabad.

So, are you considering the procedure but need to figure out the virtue RF micro-needling cost in Islamabad? Let us find out!

What is RF Micro-needling?

Micro-needling, which may be called percutaneous collagen induction therapy, is a method for freshening and tightening the epidermis. Electric pens with small prickles are used for the therapy, which creates minor, precise membrane holes for many different skin conditions. Because these tiny holes leave no marks, the skin begins dermal remodeling to repair itself. Inflammation helps generate collagen, an elastic fiber that links and tightens skin tissues.

Is RF Micro-needling Treatable?

Micro-needling promotes elastin and skin tissue growth. This method reduces wrinkles, skin concerns, and overall appearance by toning, firming, and smoothing the complexion. This therapy punctures the epidermis with many tiny pins every time the gadget is moved over the affected area.

The practice is useful for the epidermis’s health, and it is slightly intrusive, but needle-phobic people may find it uncomfortable and scary. It promotes collagen formation, which keeps the membrane soft and supple. This remedy can also be used to repair other areas of the body, but most individuals focus on their faces because it’s a familiar spot for them.

The Micro-needling Procedure:

Pre-procedural Care:

You may need to stop certain drugs before surgery, such as ibuprofen and Accutane. Doctors may also advise avoiding products that irritate your skin prior to your micro needling schedule date, such as topically applied retinoids and exfoliants.


A dermatologist will use a pen-like device with sterile needles to cause skin punctures throughout the operation. The pinholes are so minute that you may not spot them after treatment.

The doctor usually uniformly glides the tool through your skin to recommence it. They may end the session with a relaxing or growth serum. On average, the micro needling session takes approximately two hours.

What to Expect After Micro-needling?

Although less invasive than plastic surgery, derma rolling also needs a shorter retrieval time. Most individuals need little or no downtime. The surgery may cause skin inflammation and irritation in the first few days. This is usual for modest prickle “damages” to the skin. If you’re relaxed, you can get back to work or college following surgery. However, it’s paramount to let the skin improve before putting on makeup.

Since your membrane will grow more hypersensitive, doctors advise waiting one week before exposing it to sunlight or severe compounds. After skin needling, derm tissue regenerates quickly, but you must wait a few weeks to see the best outcomes. You may also need frequent sittings or supplementary management. The healthcare professional will develop a customized seating plan for you.

Factors that Affect RF Micro-needling Logitiveity:

Several lifestyle factors can affect the lifetime of Virtue RF Collagen Induction Therapy. These include sun exposure, smoking, diet, and skin preparation. Living a healthy lifestyle, protecting yourself from the sun, and following your skincare routine can encompass the results of your Virtue RF management.

Despite the RF therapy’s capacity to enhance collagen synthesis and skin consistency, usual development will continue each year. Thus, recurrent preservation periods may be desirable to tolerate Virtue RF results and tackle new signs of aging.

Benefits of Micro-needling:

Virtue RF micro-needling provides many benefits. Among them are;

  •     Gives bright, intense, and precise RF at a glimpse.
  •     Eye bags, the subtle mouth area, and the jawline benefit from precision radiofrequency (RF) therapy.
  •     Strengthen and boost skin, minimize soreness, and fade bruising.
  •     Reduces fine lines and creases
  •     Diminishes rashes
  •     Lessens spots and surgical marks.
  •     Increases skin volume and evens shade.
  •     Conglomerate this therapy with CoolPeel and PDO for best outcomes.

How Much Does RF Micro-needling Cost in Islamabad?

Virtue RF micro-needling cost in Islamabad ranges from 15,000PKR to 20,000PKR . The fee may increase depending on skin condition and practice setting. The cost depends on the total sittings, treatment zone, skin state, disease severity, and dermatologist costs.

Before getting Virtue RF treatment, consult a professional cosmetologist or skin care professional, such as SKN Cosmetics in Islamabad.

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