How Stress Can Cause Hair Loss

In this fast world, everyone is busy in their daily life. Due to this, either men or women having stress. According to researchers, many people are losing their hair just because of having stress. If you ask about How Stress Can Cause Hair Loss, we will discuss all it in this blog. If not treated on time Hair Loss can lead to Hair Transplant

What Is The Reason For Hair Fall?

Yes, of course, tension is a cause of hair fall but stress and hair fall are not for the long term. If you will control your anxiety level, you might get hair growth back in a routine. If someone notices the sudden and continuous hair fall more than usual hair fall while brushing and washing, it is better to talk with your specialist. Depression can directly or indirectly affect your hair and it leads to hair fall within 6 to 13 weeks after a depressing event.

You may hear about the connection between anxiety and hair loss, it can be physically or emotionally, with illness and any injury. There are several reasons for losing your hair which include:

  • A short-term illness.
  • Underactive thyroid.
  • Due to pregnancy.
  • Meals that have calories.
  • Other health conditions.
  • Emotional stressful moments.
  • Vitamin misbalancing.
  • Deficiency of iron.


Stress and tension aren’t only the reason for hair fall, some situations can be a cause of hair fall. Such as:

  • Telogen is a situation that happens when a person has poor nourishment and having changes in hormonal levels. However, it is a very common situation of temporary hair fall in men and women.
  • Hair pulling disordering, a condition that is also known as a psychological situation where an individual pulls out his/her hair when getting stressed or get depressed. It is also called a sign of trichotillomania where people experienced negative sentimental and it is commonly seen at a young age. Pulling off hair is a way of self-harming with negative sentiments like depression, anxiety etc.
  • Another situation where the immunity system directly attacks the hair unit. Sometimes, it is a condition where hair gets thin and people experience bald spots on the different areas of the scalp. Few specialists believe that severe stress can lea alopecia areata in people. However, good thing is that alopecia areata doesn’t destroy the hair and it can regrow when the inflammation diminishes.

So, the hair fall might start from the early times of childhood but also it can affect a person at any age.

How to Deal With It?

It will be good for you if you follow the proper instructions of an expert and experienced provider. There are a few tips that you should follow for controlling hair fall.

  • A person should try to practice relaxation techniques in daily routine like yoga, taking deep breath and medication.
  • To perform the regular exercise which helps to manage your stress and its effects on overall health.
  • Try to spend your good time with positive people and avoid keeping yourself isolated which makes stress even more badly.
  • Search professional therapist for help.
  • You should eat healthy food and multivitamins if a practitioner prescribes you.
  • Take good care of hair while styling, washing and drying.
  • Positive thinking can help you with avoiding stress.
  • A person should sleep at least 7 to 8 hours a day and keep themselves hydrated.
  • Discuss with someone related to your problems which are the cause of depression.

What Will Happen If You Fall Under Depression?

After knowing all about How Stress Can Cause Hair Loss, It is the worse situation if someone falls in stressful moments. It will disturb the health and with that, the hair starts falling out and you can’t sleep properly. You isolate yourself from people like family and friends. The volume of hair will be reduced and you will feel uncomfortable and irritated.

Are Hair Grow Again?

Yes, once the anxiety level gets back to normal, your hair will be start growing again. But first, you should have control over the stress level. Maybe, it will take some weeks to a few months for growing again after the stressful event.

Is Hair Fall a Permanent Cause of Anxiety?

No, it is not. Tension and hair fall is not for the long term in such situations. All you need is to cure it at the initial stage and try to not take stress and anxiety. Try to practice handling your anxiety level as well as improve your overall health. The hair will grow back on its own in some months.

All Summed Up!

Yes, stress and anxiety can lead you to hair fall, it is better to take good care of your mental and physical health. Medications, a healthy diet, relaxation activities and many more can restore hair fall caused to stress. Still, if it is getting worse than you should consult your specialist for knowing the reason for hair fall. Consult our specialist at SKN cosmetics. Our experts are available to give you suitable suggestions for curing the problem.