How to Increase the Size of Your Penis 10 Penis Enlargement Techniques

Are you also the one who thinks about getting your penis enlarged? Have you ever thought about attempting one of the numerous methods or products promoted today for penis enlargement? Advertising for procedures and products that increase penis size is prevalent. Numerous pumps, medications, weights, exercises, and surgeries promise to lengthen and widen your penis. But, do you know that these techniques do more harm than good to your penis if not done by a board-certified surgeon. Those of you who do not like the size of your penis can undergo Penis Enlargement in Islamabad, Pakistan at SKN Cosmetics Islamabad. This blog will explain to you about How to Increase the Size of Your Penis: 10 Penis Enlargement Techniques.

Ideal Candidates for Penile Enlargement:

You are an ideal candidate for penis enlargement in Islamabad if:

  • If you desire a larger penis or believe that your penis is extremely small in comparison to the size of your body.
  • Additionally, if you have micropenis (an erect penis of 3 inches or less)
  • You have Peyronie’s disease (a bent or painful erection)

10 Penis Enlargement Techniques:

Following are the 10 best penis enlargement techniques:

The Use of Dermal Fillers:

Firstly, a relatively new technique for lengthening the shaft’s length and circumference is the use of penis fillers. This technique involves injecting hyaluronic acid just below the penile skin. Although the procedure is very simple, the quality of the material being injected must be assessed beforehand to reduce risks. You must first speak with your doctor to ensure the best outcomes.

What are Androfill Injections?

Hyaluronic acid is an actual substitution for surgery. The ideal amount of moisture is maintained in the tissues, which causes them to expand, become more elastic, and appear much younger. In the shortest amount of time, a guy may be able to resolve the problems caused by the small size of the penis and regain his confidence.


Secondly, surgery to enlarge the penis will only be a last resort, according to your doctor. The safest and most efficient choice is this one. The procedure entails moving fat from your arm to the penis shaft. It seems that size enlarges. After surgery, these effects are typically noticeable and permanent. Consider enlargement surgery if you want your penis to be bigger. To prevent infections, however, we at SKN Cosmetics adhere to all safety protocols.


Now, it is possible to increase the length and circumference of the penis, either separately or together, through a quick and simple surgical procedure. Your surgeon may combine several procedures under the general heading of “Penoplasty,” depending on the patient’s desired outcome. This entails lengthening the penile, increasing its size, or both.

Increase Penis Girth With Surgery:

Thirdly, some medical professionals provide surgery to enlarge the penis. There are primarily two methods. One method involves injecting the patient’s own fat into their penis, which causes it to enlarge. Another method involves wrapping sterile tissue removed from corpses called AlloDerm under the penis’ skin like seaweed in a sushi roll, increasing the organ’s circumference.

Penis Implants:

Fourthly, men with ED who don’t respond to conventional therapies have had access to permanent penis implants placed beneath the skin of the penis for decades. The procedure is now provided by a number of urologists, but not all of them will recommend a penis implant for enlargement. Men with erectile dysfunction who don’t respond to more conventional therapies should consider undergoing a penile implant procedure.

Penile Extenders:

Fifthly, penis extenders are traction devices that you strap to your weak penis and wear continuously for a long period of time, typically several hours per day. Penile lengthening may result from this, though it may take months to see results.

Jelqing (aka penis stretching):

Sixthly, jelqing, or stretching exercises in which the flaccid penis is pulled and massaged with the fingers or a specially designed device. However, the effects are temporary, and there is a slight risk of injury when jelqing.

Penis Pumps:

Seventhly, penis pumps, which use a vacuum to encourage blood flow into the penis, will result in an erection but not a permanent increase in the penis’ size.

Male Enhancement Pills:

Eighthly, no matter how seductive the ads for “male enhancement pills” behind bodega counters or on Google may be, experts say they won’t increase the size of your penis.

Losing Weight:

Ninthly, losing weight might be an easy way to make your penis look bigger. The pubic region of overweight men may protrude over the penis, giving the penis shaft a smaller appearance. The term “buried penis syndrome” refers to the phenomenon in extreme cases.

Manscaping for a Larger Penis:

Lastly, trimming your pubic hair is an even simpler way to enlarge your penis. You can give the impression that your pubis is longer by shaving it a little closer to the base of the penis. Obviously, you’ll want to use caution in this situation. There are a variety of “body grooming” shavers available. They come with guards and attachments that can improve your results and help you avoid unfavorable nicks and cuts in very delicate areas.

Benefits of Procedure:

A few advantages of this procedure are as follows:

  • Exactly the same outcomes as anticipated
  • The results are more enduring and long-lasting because surgery was involved.
  • With these techniques, success is very likely.
  • This is a method of expanding the penis that is both safe and efficient.
  • The person will feel a lot better once they locate the proper size.
  • Complications and negative effects are unlikely to occur.

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