How to Prevent Skin Tags from Forming in the First Place

Skin tags treatment in Islamabad ensures quick, safe, painless and successful removal of skin tags. Wondering what these skin tags are and how they can be treated effectively? Well! These are small skin growths or extra pieces of skin that are usually found outside of the surface of the body. These are found usually in areas where skin folds are rubbed against each other like the neck, groin, etc. Skin tags do not cause any harm to the body and are made up of collagen fibers, nerve cells and small blood vessels. 

They are also called acrochordons. Usually, there are not any specific causes for these tags. They are painless and even you may not be aware of their appearance. But if they are rubbed or you try to tear them apart then you may feel pain or irritation. Older people are more prone to these skin tags than the younger ones. 

Causes of Skin Tags:

Several physical features are attributed as the causes of skin tags. Normally, when cell growth exceeds the upper layer of the skin, these tags start appearing in areas where the skin is rubbed frequently. Features such as obesity, pregnancy, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or relevant history are considered the causes for the formation of skin tags. As their tendency of appearance is more in older people, based on this assumption it is also stated that they might also be linked with age-related hormonal changes such as menopause. 

Treatments of Skin Tags in Islamabad:

Procedures such as Electrocautery, Cryotherapy, Excision, etc, are useful to treat skin tags.


By using different techniques such as liquid nitrogen, skin tags are frozen. This freezing process demolishes the internal cells of a tag and thus leads to its decay in a matter of a few days.


The skin tag is burned off in this procedure. Electric current is used to eliminate the tag and the given heat removes the tag from the skin.

Surgical Procedure

Sometimes they are large enough or located in sensitive areas, so, it becomes difficult to treat them by using heat or the freezing process. In that case, a surgical process is used. During this procedure, the area is numbed and then through surgical scissors, the tag is cut off.  

How to Prevent Skin Tags from Forming in the First Place:

Skin tags are the unnecessary part of the skin. Though, they do not cause any harm and can be removed painlessly by using different techniques. But by using some proactive measures, we can even hinder the growth of these tags and prevent them from forming. It seems better to cease their growth than treat them later on.

In order to avoid the formation of skin tags, do not forget to follow the following measures

Maintain Good Hygiene

Clean your skin on a regular basis because regular cleaning cleans dirt and bacteria from the body that can cause the formation of tags. Further, for areas where the skin is rubbed frequently such as the neck or underarm, clean them carefully.

Weight Control

Excessive skin folds can ignite the formation of skin tags. If an individual is overweight then excessive skin fold and friction might cause tag formation. It is better to control your weight. Not only will it reduce the chances for the formation of tags but it is also beneficial in many other ways.

Manage Hormonal Imbalance

During pregnancy, hormonal fluctuations are not uncommon. These hormonal changes can lead to skin tag formation. It is better to keep in contact with your doctor and discuss if you feel any change as your professional can assist you in managing the hormonal changes.

Inspect Your Skin Regularly

Self-care is essential to maintain overall health and prioritizing your health must be the utmost priority of an individual. Do not forget to examine your skin regularly as if you do so, you will be able to detect early signs of tags and can manage them accordingly.

Seek Professional Advice

If you have a history of skin tags or recently started experiencing these tags, always visit your dermatologist and do not try to irritate or rub the surface. Let an experienced professional deal with the matter as they can understand the cause, attached complexities and relevant treatment procedures.

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