Hybrid Hair Transplant in Islamabad Pakistan

People are getting worried about their hair loss as well as losing self-confidence. Men and women both are searching for the best and effective method which will give those high results and enhanced personality. In the evolution of medical science, many techniques are raising with advanced methods.

A combination of two effective methods of Hair Transplant Islamabad FUE & FUT, The Hybrid Hair Transplant in Islamabad Pakistan is an impressive and minimally invasive procedure that is introduced with several advantages and benefits. If you want a high volume within one session so this Invasive technology considers the best treatment for you.

 What is a Hybrid Technique?

According to SKN cosmetic clinic, the Hybrid technique is used for enhancing the extra volume in the hair and a person can successfully obtain more than 6000 grafts in a day by using latest technique of hair hybrid transplantation. These two FUE & FUT methods deliver the same and natural results but differ in some ways. The FUT method performed first and then another proceed with extracting grafts using the FUE method. If any candidate required extra hair restoration, the grafts can be extracted on the same day using beard or chest FUE hair restoration. Or else it can be performed on the next day. By this method, more than 6000 grafts could be inserted in a day by using a hybrid technique. Moreover, this effective technique can be combined to give a long-lasting hair restoration.


The ideal candidates are all type of people who have a good donor site. The best candidate is always that one who needs to improve his/her appearance. Some other candidates are as follows.

  • A person who’s hairlines going backwards.
  • It is suitable for anyone.
  • It can be performed on a bald person as well.
  • Those who want more grafts in one treatment.
  • Models related to the fashion industry.


This treatment is the combination of two techniques so its advantages will be more effective for a candidate. Some of the benefits are as follow:

  • Single surgery double benefits.
  • 4000 to 6000 grafts will be covered.
  • The natural hair look will appear.
  • Results will stay the same for several years.
  • It is a minimally invasive technique.
  • Less scarring & no stitches method.
  • Less recovery time


According to SKN clinic, the outcomes of Hybrid Hair Transplant in Islamabad Pakistan will be impressive and attractive. The candidates obtained the miraculous results after this treatment and their volume of hair convert from thin to thick. Our expert surgeons will perform the method with full of concentration and results can be seen after a few days. The before and after photos may be taken for showing the satisfaction of the results. The outcomes may depend on person to person, some of them obtained high result and some of them obtained lately.


The preparation is necessary for every treatment. In the initial visit, after examining your hair loss situation the practitioner will help you make the right choice of hair restoration treatment. The size of the inserting area and quantity of the available donor site hair. Some pre-op instructions are:

  • Do not smoke or drink alcohol.
  • Do not shave the donor area.
  • Avoid blood thinner medication.
  • Be prepared.


The procedure is simple and same as FUT and FUE. The follicles will extract one by one using the hybrid FUE method. The process may take a few minutes to a few hours. The complete procedure time might be depending on the expertise of a practitioner. Only those hair follicles will be extracted which will look like they can last for long. The same steps will perform to Hybrid FUE technique, even though it is more technical.

In the procedure, hair follicles will be prepared for restoring and then small incisions will be made in the inserting areas to match the natural growth of hair pattern. The follicles will place one by one at the treated area to cover the entire recipient site. A candidate can be engaged in other activities like; watching TV or Netflix during the procedure. The healing process will be prompt. The duration of the procedure will depend on the patient’s requirements.


The aftercare is important to follow right after the procedure. Some aftercare tips are as following:

  • Do not scratch the treated area.
  • Avoid to go out in direct sunlight.
  • No smoking and alcohol consumption.
  • Avoid blood thinners, it may slow down the recovery process.


The Cost of Hybrid hair transplant varies from person to person. Because it is more time-intensive and expensive than FUE and FUT because it is a combination of two techniques and it is a more technical procedure. Some cost factors are as following:

  • The location or area of the clinic.
  • The expertise of the surgeon.
  • Sessions requirements.
  • Other relevant aspects.

 If someone has any query related to treatment and cost, contact us for more details. Our expert will guide you the best.


If you are tired from all hair restoration methods and want quick results, then consult us for the best one option Hybrid Hair Transplant in Islamabad Pakistan. We are looking forward to you!