Is A Neck Lift Painful in Islamabad?

The neck is the softest and most sensitive part of the body. Many people lose confidence because their necks appear older due to early signs of ageing, such as becoming less flexible, drooping, and sagging. Your worries are over because the clinic in Islamabad offers Neck Lift Surgery, one of the most successful procedures. It will have long-lasting, excellent effects without any problems.

But before going all in with the neck life, you should know, “Is a neck lift painful in Islamabad?” Let us find out!

Neck Lift Surgery Overview:

A neck lift surgery tightens and pulls back the neck skin to make it look younger. It is usually performed with a facelift, but it can also be done alone. The procedure removes band lines, extra skin, and fat to contour the neck.

According to popular belief, ageing begins in the neck. Drooping neck, jawline, and chin skin can result from abrupt weight loss and ageing. While most people don’t think this characteristic is important, some are more concerned with their looks and want the best option.

What Are Neck lifts?

Neck lifts are sometimes called lower rhytidectomy and submental lipectomy. They rejuvenate the neck by removing extra skin or tightening it. If you want a good neck texture, a neck lift is best. This therapy is ideal for self-conscious people with double chins or neckbands. Esthetic offers neck lifts in Islamabad to help you appear your best.

Candidates for Neck Lift Surgery:

The following people are good neck lift and tightening candidates:

  • If your neck skin is limp and floppy, like a turkey wattle neck.
  • If the sun or aging has damaged your neck or skin,
  • For those with excessive neck and jawline fat.
  • If you have a double chin.

Procedure Steps:

Specialist plastic surgeons perform this treatment under general anesthesia. The procedure steps are straightforward, and they are shown below.

  • At the start of surgery, the surgeon will give general anesthesia.
  • Extraction of an incision follows. Depending on the approach and desired improvement, the incision place and length may change.
  • After the operation, the surgeon may remove extra skin and fat, realign tissues, and tighten muscles.
  • Finally, stitches will close the wound.
  • The process will take two to four hours, depending on the candidate’s condition. After that, you can go home and rest.

Post-Surgery Outcomes:

Neck lift surgery results depend on patient health, skin elasticity, and muscle tone. However, the neck and jawline are usually smooth, firm, and less mature. A neck lift reduces slack skin, repositions tissues, and removes fat. Sagging skin, wrinkles, and a double jaw or turkey neck are reduced with this surgery. Patients usually observe neck shape and definition improvements, which leads to facial harmony and rejuvenation.

What Therapy Alternatives Are Available?

Neck Lift Surgery has three treatment options:

  • Cervicoplasty operation. During cervicoplasty, the surgeon removes extra neck skin and moves neck tissues. 
  • Liposuction operation. The surgeon will remove neck fat during liposuction.
  • Platysmaplasty. To eliminate band lines during Platysmaplasty, the surgeon will tighten and eliminate your neck muscles.

Advantages of Neck Lift Surgery:

Neck lift patients have several benefits. The following are notable and widespread benefits.

  • Ageing neck indications will decrease.
  • Remove neck bands for a great jaw contour.
  • Tighter face skin and a thinner neck.
  • Minimal scarring with no serious repercussions.
  • Individual personality enhancements.
  • Natural, lifelong results.
  • Economical surgery.

Non-surgical Neck Tightening Therapy:

Energy-based equipment like radiofrequency, laser, or ultrasound is used in non-surgical neck tightening therapy. These technologies increase collagen production, tightening neck laxity. These non-surgical procedures are excellent for mild to moderately severe skin laxity patients seeking minor changes without surgery. As usual, non-surgical neck tightening requires many sessions for the best results. They are best for little downtime and recuperation.

Cost of Neck Lift Surgery in Islamabad:

The cost of Neck Lift surgery in Islamabad starts  from PKR 70,000 to PKR 240,000. During neck lift and tightening, your neck will be surgically lifted and tightened to make you look younger. To improve results, neck lift surgery is sometimes done with a facelift. The cost of a neck lift depends on the treatment’s difficulty, the surgeon’s skill, the clinic’s location, and any extra services or facilities.  Ask your surgeons for a pricing estimate.

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