Is Islamabad Good For The Liposuction Surgery

In today’s era, almost everyone has an extremely busy schedule, and taking time out for the gym is considered a luxury. Losing weight has always been hectic and requires a lot of patience and time. Most people are so occupied with their work-life that they barely have time to think about fitness and health routines. This leads to an increase in their weight. Statistics show that due to the working man’s busy schedule, it can get very hard for them to lose weight.

You can always try alternatives such as medically induced diet programs and surgeries to help you shed your extra pounds. Liposuction Surgery is among the few popular and instant solutions to losing weight. But the Question for Pakistanis is Is Islamabad Good for the Liposuction Surgery? With the development of several weight reduction clinics opening up, it is safe to assume that the Capital has a lot of options to consider.

What is Liposuction Surgery?

This weight loss procedure is an invasive process but does not require any night stay at the hospital. This is an instant solution to losing weight, however, you should keep in mind that it can take up to four weeks for the stitches and treated area to heal properly. The procedure is performed in the following steps:

  1. Firstly the doctor will mark the areas that have to be operated on.
  2. Next, he will give you local and general anesthesia.
  3. After you are sedated, he will make incisions on the marked areas
  4. These openings are further punctured with a long needle.
  5. This needle is used to pour fat melting solutions into the body
  6. After some time, the melted fat is sucked out using the same needle.
  7. The openings are then stitched close and the treated area is bandaged

Is Islamabad Good for the Liposuction Surgery?

Considering how many technological advancements and state-of-the-art treatments are available in SKN Cosmetic Clinic, it can easily be said that Islamabad is Good for the Liposuction Surgery in Pakistan. Although there are numerous well-known beauty clinics throughout the country, the Capital is the best place to get any sort of cosmetic treatment done.

Will it Cost More Money To Get Liposuction From Islamabad?

The city offers the best services and amenities for anyone looking for the best in life, this includes the cosmetic field as well. Is Islamabad Good for the Liposuction Surgery in Pakistan? Yes, it is! The top cosmetologists in the country operate in the capital but they also charge higher. Since they are offering such luxurious services and amenities, it will cost you around 100,000 PKR to 3,00,000 PKR to get this treatment done.

Is It Safe?

Liposuction Surgery in Islamabad, Pakistan is the safest and fastest way to lose weight. You will not have to face any side effects as a result of this procedure. Some people believe that this is a painful surgery and are scared of getting it. But it should be noted that you will be sedated when this procedure is performed. You might experience mild pain and bruising from the stitches while you heal but that’s part of the natural recovery process.

Can Anyone Get It Done?

Certain guidelines need to be followed when performing this surgical fat removal procedure. The candidate must have the following characteristics to qualify for liposuction:

  • Be above 20 years old
  • A BMI of over 35
  • No blood or chronic diseases
  • Be a non-smoker and non-drinker.
  • Not take any blood thinners or other prescribed medication

If the candidate does not have the listed qualities, the procedure can be dangerous and life-threatening.

Ending Note:

We all have dreams of having the perfect figure and maintaining a lean and slim figure can take a lot of time and effort. Getting liposuction is not a permanent solution, and you still have to work out to maintain your ideal weight. Most people however even give up halfway and just stay the way they are. But our team of experts at SKN Cosmetics will help you get motivated to keep working hard on yourself even after the procedure.

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