Laser Hair Removal for Sensitive Skin in Islamabad and Rawalpindi

Are you worried about unwanted hairs or do you have sensitive skin? Sometimes for sensitive skin types, shaving and waxing don’t achieve accurately and become a headache. Having wax and shave off the body can lead to rashes, discomfort and redness etc. Relax now, advanced cosmetic procedures have introduced many treatments options for normal and sensitive skin type as well. 

SKN cosmetics provides a variety of treatments of  Laser Hair Removal for Sensitive Skin in Islamabad Pakistan, these laser therapies are safest and effective especially for sensitive skins.This blog post will cover all about the procedures, benefits and results of hair removing treatments. 


According to research, some people have normal skin type and some of them have sensitive skins. It is a very delicate and major concern to deal with sensitive skins. There is a treatment that is used to perform for such skin types is known as Laser hair removal. The laser treatments are common that most people prefer for their issues. This treatment is used for several parts of the body where a candidate wants to remove unwanted hair like the face, arms, back and legs. It is an alternative option for wax, shave and an ideal option for all skin types. 

Before the process, your practitioner will examine the skin type and area of treatment, the gel will be applied to the skin for cooling because you will feel mild heat. The procedure is done by targeting the laser light on the hairy area and it will remove the multiple hair follicles at one time. Sometimes, sensitive skins may get redness or swelling but it is necessary to observe that how it reacts on the skin surface. It is necessary to follow the aftercare instruction, especially in sensitive skin’s matters. 

The Outcomes:

The outcomes of laser treatments for removing hair from sensitive skin depends on person to person. Some of them get perfect results and some of them obtained complete results after the healing process. The SKN will provide effective and dramatic outcomes to undergoing candidate and it will require multiple sessions for getting desirable outcomes. Another two important factors for obtaining accurate results are choosing an expert dermatologist and follow the aftercare instructions for keeping the skin perfect. 

The Benefits:

There are a lot of benefits of having laser treatment for sensitive skin’s hair removal. Some of the common are mentioned below: 

  • Effective treatment even for sensitive skins. 
  • Hair will be reduced to grow after one to two sessions. 
  • Reason treatment option. 
  • Non-invasive and painless procedure. 
  • Ideal option for all skin types. 
  • No long recovery period. 
  • Free of waxing and shaving. 
  • The natural and smooth skin will appear. 

About Cost and Its Factors:

The Cost of the Laser Hair Removal for Sensitive Skin in Islamabad Pakistan Ranges from 3,000 PKR to 20,000 PKR. It is a cosmetic procedure that most insurance companies will not cover. Skin concerns are very delicate and you can’t trust on cheap rates. There are few factors that can affect the cost, mentioned below: 

  • The experienced dermatologist fee. 
  • Location and reputation of the clinic. 
  • Sessions requirements. 
  • If you choose another method. 
  • Size of the area. 
  • Medication for aftercare. 

Further, if someone wants to know more about cost-related details then feel free to contact us, our team will provide helpful information. 

All Summed Up! 

Therefore, the best option for handling such delicate a sensitive skins matter is a laser hair removal treatment. It will make your skin hair-free and there will be no need for shaving and waxing in future. This treatment will give long-lasting outcomes after the session to session. 

If someone wants to consider the laser treatment through a reputable clinic and expert dermatologists then feel free to consult SKN cosmetics for it. We will provide dramatic results and an effective skin surface.