Nano Graft Hair Transplant Surgery Islamabad Pakistan

What Causes Hair Loss?

Hair loss is very common here in Pakistan as well as around the world. As age progresses, hair tends to become weaker. The causes of hair loss vary, from stress, hormonal deficiencies, hereditary issues, lack of necessary nutrients in the diet. The main factor behind hair loss is the presence of Dihydro-testosterone (DHT) which is a male hormone present in both men and women. To counter this problem, hair transplant surgery is an ideal solution. Nano Graft ® is perhaps the finest option for this purpose. Let’s take a closer look at it.

Planning and Preparation:

The transplant surgeon first examines the person seeking Hair Transplant in Islamabad to plan the procedure. In this meeting, you will also be guided on the precautions that you must undertake before the transplant. Expected outcomes and the likely time frame will also be discussed. The general precautions needed include stopping the consumption of alcohol, abstaining from smoking, stopping the use of blood-thinning medications. Certain prescription drugs may also need to be avoided for a few days. Caffeine should not be consumed for 24 hours before the procedure

Procedure for Nano Grafting:

Following steps will be taken carefully to administer the procedure in a well-mannered way.

Administration of Anaesthesia:

Local anaesthesia is administered to the donor and the recipient site prior to the start of the treatment. This numbs down both areas and the procedure is pain-free.

Extraction of Follicles:

The follicles for transplant are taken from the back and side of the scalp since the hair in these regions are not affected by dihydrotestosterone. The follicles are extracted with the help of a pneumatic punch that extracts one follicle at a time from the donor site. The size of the follicle is approximately 1mm which is ideal for the transplant. Since there is no dissection required after the extraction, it improves the success rate with follicles that are not lost due to transaction.

Preparation of The Donor Site:

The donor’s site is prepared by the surgeon in order to graft the follicles. A specialized needle is used for the purpose of making incisions so that the follicles can be placed in them. This is an important procedure since it determines the direction of the hair as well.

Grafting Process:

Nano Graft Transplant® technique is used for placing the hair in the incisions made at the donor site with a very fine customized instrument. Each follicle is individually grafted. The hairline is built with finer follicles with single or double hair in them. Follicles with 3-4 hair in them are placed in the mid-section of the scalp to build up the volume. The density at the hairline varies depending upon the needs and preferences of the hair transplant seeker.

Growth of Hair:

The process of hair growth is not instant and takes time. The transplanted hair shed within a few weeks which is completely normal. Some shock loss of existing hair can also take place since the scalp undergoes a trauma with all the work that is done during the FUE Transplant. Transplanted hair starts growing in about three months’ time and reaches full length in a year or a little more than that. On an average Caucasian male that has a density of more than 1 hair per millimetre, we can assume that the density of hair is 1250 hairs per square inch. Figuring at an average of more than 1 hair per follicular unit, per square inch would take more than 600 follicular.

Hair Follicle Rate on a Healthy Scalp:

As a person ages, the number of hair follicle per square centimetre on the scalp decreases. Below are the SFR of a healthy scalp. (Average healthy scalp Follicle ratio)

Aged 20-30 YearsApproximately 615 Follicles cm2
Aged 30-50 YearsApproximately 485 Follicles cm2
Aged 50-80 YearsApproximately 435 Follicles cm2

Post-op Care:

It is important to do proper care after getting a Nano Graft of hair transplant to achieve better results. Hence, the following instructions are to help you in this regard.
· You should take a rest for some days.
· You should avoid performing any kind of exercise for some days after treatment.
· You should avoid lifting heavyweight.
· You should quit smoking for at least 7-14 days after treatment.
· You should take off from your workplace for some days.


The usual downtime after the procedure is 2 days, however, doctors recommend that the patient should avoid exertion for at least 4 days.


There is the possibility that you will experience hair fall in the starting days after your treatment. However, you do not need to be worried as it is a required phenomenon. Your scalp will take almost 3 months to grow new hair. You will get the full length of hair for sure but it requires a time duration of 12 to 14 months. After that, you will be free to adopt any kind of hairstyle.

Free Consultation:

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