Number of Sessions Required for Laser Hair Removal

Problem of Hair Removal:

Most procedures of removing hair do not have long-lasting effects and also involve a lot of hassle. Commonly preferred methods include waxing, shaving or plucking. However, these procedures only produce temporary results. Such techniques also have to be repeated after short intervals of time, which make them bothersome for most people. Not only are the methods tiresome, but their after-effects are also undesirable most of the time. These involve damaging the sensitive skin by causing discoloration of the skin, ingrown hairs, redness, bumps and even rashes. It is essential to understand that the Number of Sessions Required for Laser Hair Removal depend on the hair type and skin color of the person requesting it.

Solution: Laser Hair Treatment

In order to achieve hair-free skin for a long time, laser hair removal is one method that can be adopted for this purpose. This method is useful for those who do not want temporary results and fewer side effects. The skin also does not suffer from discoloration or bumps and becomes smoother instead. Individuals interested in this kind of treatment for hair removal have to consult a dermatologist first. The dermatologist will guide them about the whole treatment, but they will also give them expert advice on whether or not they should be availing this method. The dermatologist will also be informing the patient about the number of sessions they will need for the laser hair removal. A custom-made plan for treatment is also designed that suits the patient’s needs.

Working Of Laser Hair Removal:

The way laser hair removal works is by exposing the parts of the body with unwanted hair to the laser. The pigment in these hairs absorbs the emitted light, which then converts to heat. This heat then focuses itself on the hair follicles that lead to the production of hair. The hair follicles are affected by the laser in such a way that they are damaged, and this results in less or slow growth of any future hair in that region. Even if any hair grows there, it is thinner, lighter and sparse. Parts of the body, including the face, arms, underarms, back, legs, and the bikini line, can be treated with a laser to remove hair.

Defects Of Laser Treatment:

Laser treatments have been considerably upgraded in recent years. Various types of skin have been used for hair removal by laser. However, laser treatment shows the best results on people who have dark hair and light skin. This means it is relatively inefficient for people having gray, white or blonde hairs on their bodies. Lighter hair is more challenging to remove through laser. Another defect to laser treatment is that it only reduces hair in number and does not entirely finish their growth. So hair can grow back again in the same region.

Number Of Required Laser Sessions:

The Number of Sessions Required for Laser Hair Removal varies from person to person. Doctors can consult with the patient and suggest the number of sessions they will need for hair removal. The treatment plan is based on the color of skin, type of skin, type of hair and the location of the hair on the body. Generally, most patients require four to six sessions and sometimes eight. Results are primarily visible between three to six visits to the doctor. There is also a gap of six weeks between each session to let the hair grow. Treatment of one region can take between nine to twelve months. The reduction in the number of hairs is visible after each visit. The patients can annually or biannually visit the doctor for maintenance after they complete the entire treatment.

Classification Of Lasers:

There are different types of lasers, and each type of laser affects the process of hair removal differently. Lasers with longer wavelengths deeply infiltrate the skin and absorb lesser hair pigment. Treatments involving such lasers require more number of sessions for the patients. These kinds of lasers are also safer to use and prove to be better for people having dark skin. Different lasers are also used for distinct body parts and regions. Wider regions require different types of lasers as compared to smaller areas. Lasers having longer wavelengths emit more light that absorbs a large amount of the melanin in the hair. This results in a lesser number of sessions for the patients.

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