Penile Enlargement Surgery in Islamabad

As the report says, there are 40% of men out there who experience some manly issues and one of the biggest ones is that they have small penis size as compared to average size. Due to this problem, they experience insecurity or relationship issues. It is a considerable concern for men and it would be best if you discuss it with the best sexologist. Now you can get desirable outcomes according to your expectations and satisfaction.

However, there are several treatment options that are suitable for different men with different concerns. To know more about Penile Enlargement Surgery: Efficiency, Risk, and Cost then read this blog post where we have covered everything. So, keep reading!

What Is Penile Enlargement Surgery?

A surgical procedure that is performed for the enlargement of the penis with an effective treatment option is known as penile enlargement surgery. The main and only purpose of the surgery is to increase the size and girth for appearance improvements. The surgeon will perform this surgery under anesthesia so you wouldn’t feel any pain.

Note To Remember – It must be clear to all men that this surgery isn’t performed for medical concerns and problems like erection dysfunction. However, this is only recommended for aesthetic reasons.

Expected Results:

After getting the surgery, it will provide you effective, satisfying and noticeable results. Moreover, the results may depend on the type of surgery, condition of the client and performance of an expert surgeon. You may need some time to be recovered but once you heal properly then you may obtain desirable outcomes. So, it would be best if you take care of the treated area after the surgery for a better appearance.

About Candidacy Criteria:

Before undergoing the surgical procedure, the surgeon will examine your condition and ask several questions related to your health and expectations. Whereas, the candidates who are suitable have several problems like:

  • Clients who have birth defects.
  • To improve sexual activities.
  • Abnormal growth.
  • For cosmetics concerns.
  • Male who is above age 20.

Efficiency Of The Treatment:

According to SKN Cosmetics, every client who gets penis enlargement obtains satisfactory results. The success rate of this surgery is efficient and high. To make it a better and more satisfying experience, you need to choose an expert surgeon who performs your surgery accurately and take good care of your treated area to prevent side effects and further complications.

What Are The Risks Involved?

Every surgical procedure has benefits but also have side effects and risks. The only reasons why people experience such negative effects are because of the unprofessional surgeon’s performance and ignoring the care routine after the surgery. You may experience a few common risks like:

  • Minor infection.
  • Stitches irritation.
  • Blood clot.
  • Swelling
  • Pain

Therefore, these risks and side effects are temporary that can be fixed if you follow the aftercare instructions accordingly. Moreover, if you experience any severe issues then inform your surgeon immediately.

The Cost Of P.E Surgery At SKN Cosmetics:

Generally, the average cost of Penile Enlargement Surgery ranges between $1500 To $2500. Also, there are a few factors that can affect your cost, for example:

  • Expert Surgeon’s Fees.
  • Location of the clinic.
  • The reputation of the clinic.
  • According to size expectations.
  • Chosen method.
  • Other additional charges.

Furthermore, if you want to know more about Penile Enlargement Surgery: Efficiency, Risk, and Cost including cost factors then you can contact us or visit our clinic. We will provide you with helpful information.

Other Alternative:

Apparently, if you have mild to severe issues related to the size of the penis then you can choose other non-surgical options as well. These will recommend after knowing your expectations and concerns. However, common options are:

  • Vacuum Device.
  •  Jelqing.
  • Injectable treatment.
  • Supplements and creams.
  • Penile Augmentation.

All Summed Up!

However, in order to have a better sexual experience and physical appearance then you need to consult SKN cosmetics for better treatments with effective methods. We are here to give you long-lasting results and a better appearance. You will get a memorable experience with us!