Philippines Hair Transplant in Islamabad

In the world of medical science, advanced hair techniques are developing and many people are still unaware of some new treatments. If you are experiencing a heavy hair fall or you lost hair cause of any issue then there is an effective and best hair restoration treatment called Philippines Hair Transplant in Islamabad Pakistan. This is a new term for hair transplantation in Islamabad and we are performing it in your city and country.

Philippines Hair Transplant:

The new technique is known as Philippines hair transplant, an effective procedure with outstanding results at reasonable cost rates. It is performed the same as traditional hair restoration procedure and all steps are the same but it enhances the personality more than other restoration methods. It is proved as the safest and effective technique for all hair types and ages.

Now there’s no need to travel to the Philippines for hair treatment because SKN cosmetic offering this effective procedure. We offer complete transplant services for those who are experiencing hair fall. It is done by our expert hair restoration surgeon who has experienced and well trained about it. We are also available for providing pre-op and post-op instructions to our candidates according to this new technique. With us, you will not only obtain just a successful treatment, it will be transformative for you.

It’s Working:

It does work the same as the traditional hair restoration procedure. Your practitioner will examine the area of the scalp and suggest you the suitable method. Whether it will be FUT (a strip method) or it will be FUE (follicle unit implanted method). After that, the practitioner will start the procedure by giving local anaesthesia and performed it step by step. The procedure will be performed under full observation and the practitioner’s skilful staff will support during the treatment. Our expert surgeon can also perform up to 4000 grafting units in one mega session.

What You Can Expect in Outcomes?

According to SKN cosmetics, we deliver flawless and amazing results to our candidates. The results will be long lasting for candidates. The complete results will be shown after a few months of treatment and results may differ from person to person. The before and after photographs will be taken for showing satisfying outcomes.

The Benefits:

There are a lot of benefits of Philippines Hair Transplant in Islamabad Pakistan obtained by candidates. Generally, it is useful for all type of people and all ages. Few of the benefits are as following:

  • Effective for those young people who lost hair in an age of 20-30.
  • It can enhance the personality.
  • Completing the full face feature.
  • Improves the volume of hair.
  • Painless treatment.

Ideal Candidate:

All those men and women are ideal candidates who are experiencing heavy hair fall, they are not satisfied with their hair volume and those who want to enhance the look of their personality. For discussing more the eligibility, it will be best to talk your hair transplant specialist. He/she will thoroughly go over the hair fall issue and suggest you the best recommendations.


Just like other clinics in Islamabad, our services do not end after your procedure ends. SKN cosmetics instruct their candidates for aftercare according to their condition. Some common instructions are as follow:

  • Do not go out in direct sunlight.
  • No smoking or drinking alcohol.
  • Avoid blood thinners and other medication.
  • Sleep according to the prescribed position by a surgeon.

The Cost Factor:

The average cost of Philippines hair transplant differs from patient to patient. The cost may higher or lower due to some factors which are:

  • The surgeon fee.
  • Location or area of the clinic.
  • The reputation of the clinic.
  • Methods of hair transplant.

Further, if someone knows more about cost-related details, feel free to contact us. Our expert team will provide you with helpful information.


If you are searching for effective and advanced hair restoration method, SKN cosmetics offering this miraculous results provider method known as Philippines Hair Transplant in Islamabad PakistanWe are available for serving you the best services.