neuro rehabilitation in islamabad

To many, it sounds a little frightening to get treatment for one’s nervous system but nothing is to be worried about. Neuro rehab provides extensive care and support for patients and focuses on their self-improvement. It leaves patients revived and reliving with a new and stronger sense of self-esteem. 

What is Neurological Rehabilitation?

Neurological rehabilitation is the kind of treatment for people that suffer any sort of neurological illness, injuries, or disorder. Such rehabilitation, if fulfilled, can result in improved functioning, reduction of routine disrupting symptoms, and improvement in the overall health of the client.

What Conditions make me Eligible for Neurological Rehabilitation?

from infections of the nervous system to disorders the one might develop during the developmental phase of their life, all these conditions can be treated for improvement in the nervous system, and hence the overall functioning of the patient. Some of the conditions that can be treated at neurological rehabilitation in Islamabad are:

  • Disorders of the vascular system – problems that arise in the circulation of the blood in the body. It could be blood clotting, strokes that cause bleeding in the brain etc.
  • Infections that affect the nervous system – like meningitis, polio, etc.
  • Trauma to the brain or spinal cord that might have caused injury
  • Neuromuscular disorders – like carpal tunnel syndrome, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, etc. 
  • Disorders related to functioning – seizures, or neuralgia
  • Degenerative disorders – even though these are one of the hardest to treat, we can still help the patients to cope in a healthy way with their daily lives. The conditions could be Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, or MS, etc.

How Does Signing up for a Neurological Rehabilitation Program Work for Me?

Neurological Rehabilitation in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan program will be designed according to your issues and needs. An evaluation will be conducted which will result in a customized treatment plan for you. It is advised that your family gets actively involved into your treatment as well. They can aid the doctor in counting important things that you yourself might not see exactly as a problem. This rehab program will help you improve and cope up with numerous aspects of your routine, like the following:

  • Performing daily activities. This could include small tasks, like bathing or dressing, to driving a car
  • Therapy for speech improvement, or speech therapy – this is for people affected by their problem in such a way that their speech is impaired and they either have always had a difficulty in speaking, or lost the ability to speak as their condition worsened.
  • Mental illness management – people with neurological disorders or injuries have the highest chance of developing mental disorders that will also be planned out on how to treat them.
  • Improvement in movement – as your nervous system is the center of movement, and coordinates all movements that you voluntarily, or involuntary do, there is susceptible trouble in motion of such patients.
  • Counseling for nutritional health – the right nutrition in the right amount is necessary for proper functioning.
  • Education and counseling – though this should be the first and foremost step before starting any treatment, it is the most essential. The patient needs to know what exactly their problem is, how their body works, and what will make their condition better or worse. They need to know al the why’s and how’s before they begin treatment.
  • Assistive devices – some people might also require assistive devices, for example speech aiding devices that can speak what the person types in. 
  • Cognitive impairments – activities can be advised and practiced with the patient that can help regain their cognitive abilities.

How long does neurological rehabilitation in Islamabad take?

Many patients tend to stay for 2 to 3 weeks. A few hours daily, and a few days a week are mostly given in to therapy. Although, there are some factors that can affect the length of the treatment, and can increase if needed. The factors are:

  • The intensity of the brain damage
  • Age
  • How educated they are about their, and mental health in general
  • Simultaneous health conditions

You can expect to stay longer if there are additional issues that need to be assessed and treated.

Are There Specific Kinds of Neurological Rehabilitation Programs?

Yes! Though the parts of the treatment plan can be completely customized according to your needs that the therapist seems fit after your consultation, there are three main types of Neurological Rehabilitation in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan techniques.

  • Physical therapy

Focused on building and revival of the patient’s strength, making their muscle, bones, and joints stronger to improve movement

  • Occupational therapy

Focused mainly on improvement in functioning during daily life activities

  • Speech therapy

This is mainly focused on improving speech of someone who is speech impaired, facing mutism or selective-mutism. The patients could be speech impaired since birth, or could have lost their ability along their way after a major injury to the brain, or developed a disorder.