Pediatric Rehabilitation in Islamabad Pakistan

Pediatric rehabilitation covers a wide range of conditions, including disorders of the nervous system to musculoskeletal anomalies that create a hindrance in normal development and growth. Developmental delays are also dealt with. Any related causes that might be resulting in poor growth and becoming a concerning issue for the family of the child can be dealt by Pediatric Rehabilitation in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan.

What is pediatric rehabilitation?

We deal with children of all ages. Our credible team of professionals use their expertise and apply physical, as well as occupational therapy. It includes a set of physical treatments, with exercises that target improved results for specific problems in the child’s body. It results in an overall betterment, not only in the targeted issue, but also benefits like better circulation. Circulation of blood in the body is the basis of all functioning. If this is improved, automatically functions of almost all the organs of the body will improve. This will also indirectly better the developmental issues suffered earlier and speed up the improvement process for the child.

What Should I Expect When I Arrive for Evaluation?

The doctor will start with asking about the main complaint of the parents for the child. They need to communicate well with the examiner, as this will be the foundation of the treatment to begin with. This step cannot be omitted, but usually is. Then the doctor will ask about the birth history of the child first, then will move on to medical records. Birth history will include information like prenatal care and any maternal conditions, procedure of labor, medical history of the mother, pre-pregnancy and during pregnancy conditions and illnesses of the mother. Moving on to the child’s issues, the caregivers will be questioned about the child’s functioning from birth up till now. They will be asked to tell in detail about how the child has behaved, developed and grown in this time.  All sorts of developmental delay; like speech delays and delay in starting to walk etc. will be noted and assessed. Any skills that have been regressed, or were learnt and forgotten need to be informed. 

Information about the family’s social behavior will also be brought into consideration. The families are advised to be open to our doctors about these matters for the sake of helping the doctor in creating effective treatment plans for their child. Personal and social history, as well as matters related to the child’s performance at school, how the child socially interacts with people, what kind of meds has the child been on, and if or not they have any allergies

How Can my Child benefit from Pediatric Rehabilitation in Islamabad?

By the end of the treatment, your child will be significantly improved in:

  • Walking, and moving around
  • Any pain due to their illness
  • Improvement in posture
  • Endurance of stimuli
  • Improved motor skills
  • Ease in playing like other kids
  • Relief from numbness anywhere in the body cause by nervous obstructions
  • Improved development
  • Less dizziness and ease in circadian rhythm
  • Ingesting better than before

What kind of Conditions Make my Child Eligible for Pediatric Rehabilitation?

Professionals at pediatric rehabilitation in Islamabad, know the art of accuracy in understanding the patient’s needs. Whether someone has gone through spinal muscular atrophy, cystic fibrosis, or reconstructive surgery, our experts are ready to help.

Conditions covered here are:

  • Cancer rehabilitation – this can range starting from diagnosis of the problem, to after the treatment until there are clear signs of recovery
  • Orthopedic rehabilitation – if the patient suffers from musculoskeletal issues, whether due to an injury or post-surgery
  • Complex patient care – children that have gone through physical trauma and injuries can also be attended
  • Casts – removal and placing of casts on the child, to prevent excess movement of a body part that is under treatment
  • Vestibular rehabilitation – regarding one’s coordination and control part of the brain.

Is Pediatric Rehabilitation in Islamabad Reliable?

Yes! Our physiotherapist in Islamabad is solely for this purpose. Our top priority is to take care of our patients until they reach their level best at life. There isn’t only evaluation in the beginning but also done multiple times during the process to check on progress, betterment and improvement. If needed, the treatment plans are revised according to your child’s needs. We understand how developmental problems affect the growth and personal lives of our patients and their families. Our aim is to provide a carefree life to our clients, and no worries during treatment. Our professionals are also trained how to connect with children so that their parents are relaxed while handing the children over to us for treatment. Professionals at pediatric rehabilitation in Islamabad hold expertise in caring for their patients and fulfilling all the concerns of their families.