Refresh Your Skin for Eid Hydrafacial and Peels at Unbeatable Prices

As the occasion of Eid ul Adha arrives, consideration for self-rejuvenation arises. It is a time for a Hydrafacial in Islamabad to refresh the skin and get glowing, seductive, and radiant skin. This Eid festival is going to be a bit different because you will be enjoying it with fresh and healthier skin. To amplify the charm of your beauty and overall appearance, SKN Cosmetics Islamabad is offering a huge discount on hydrafacial and Peels.

Hydrafacial: Overview

Hydrafacial is a modern skincare treatment that offers a rejuvenated and radiant skin contour. It deals with several skincare concerns, including but not limited to wrinkles, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, pores, and uneven texture of the skin. This is a non-invasive procedure that uses advanced technology to exfoliate dead skin cells and impurities from the body and infuse a serum to stimulate new cell growth.

Benefits of Hydrafacial in Islamabad:

  • Removes dead cells and impurities from the body
  • Deals with fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation and improves the overall appearance.
  • Provides a smooth and even tone and beautifies the skin
  • Offers a youthful look by adding elasticity and firmness to the skin
  • Disappear enlarged pores and black and white heads
  • Enhance the overall health of the skin
  • It is a non-invasive procedure that doesn’t involve any incision
  • Provides immediate and desired results
  • It is a customized treatment that addresses the individual needs

Peels: Overview:

Chemical peel in Islamabad offers numerous benefits, such as it offers an uneven skin texture, addressing acne, acne scars, age spots, hyperpigmentation, etc. This procedure involves the application of a chemical solution on the targeted skin to remove the external layer or exfoliate the outer layer of the skin. Not only it eliminates the dead cells, but it also stimulates the production of collagen protein that makes the skin smooth, shining, and brighter. This is also a customized treatment that is applied based on a person’s requirements.

Benefits of Chemical Peel in Islamabad:

  • This procedure removes the dead skin cells and replaces them with new and fresh cells, revealing a brighter and more youthful appearance.
  • It addresses fine lines, acne, and acne scars and improves the overall complexion of the skin.
  • The application of a chemical solution enhances the growth of new skin cells, making the skin look more brighter and fresh.
  • Annihilates the dryness and roughness of the skin and enhances the skin texture

Why These Treatments?

We need to take care of our skin because several factors, such as aging, emotional damage, or environmental factors, may damage our skin cells and make them dull and dry. Dry skin can disturb our daily activities and also impact us psychologically. That’s why it is important to maintain the shine and brightness of the skin. Although we are all blessed with a natural process, sometimes it may not deliver the required results because of the severe impacts of discussed factors. So, to address this concern, we have to go for these procedures to restore our glamour and the shine of our skin.

Aftercare Treatment:

No matter which medical or aesthetic procedure you are getting, you must follow the following aftercare suggestions to make the afterward process smooth, get the maximum results, and limit the chances of side effects or complexion

  • Avoid excessive heat, and do not expose your treated skin to sunlight after the treatment.
  • Use a non-irritating moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated
  • Do not use harsh exfoliants or scrubs to avoid irritation
  • Keep visiting your practitioner after the treatment for a professional guide

The Discount!

SKN Cosmetics Islamabad has announced a huge Eid ul Adha discount of 33% on hydrafacial and Peels. Now you can sparkle and glow your skin not at PKR15,000 but only at PKR 10,000 after getting an unprecedented discount on either treatment.

The Bottom Line:

Maintaining flawless and glowing skin is the desire of everyone, but this pursuit shoots up on special festivals such as Eid. As the Eid ul Adha event is near, we need to prepare accordingly to make this Eid unforgettable. Now you have an opportunity to enhance the charm and beauty of the skin at a discounted price.

Book Your Appointment:

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