Rejuvi Tattoo Removal in Islamabad

Rejuvi Tattoo Removal is a safe non-laser tattoo removal treatment. This method involves a cream that completely fades out the pigment of the tattoo. It is more effective because this procedure can remove a tattoo in a single usage. The top of the skin removes the ink all along with the cream.

It’s used by a micro-pigmentation pen which is alike a needle used by some tattoo expert artist of Rejuvi Tattoo Removal in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan. It also includes inorganic chemical remover in it. Also, it’s a procedure that has been used since the middle of the 1990s.


After the action, normally it requires 1 or 2 sessions for removal of the permanent tattoo but if you want to remove the scars completely then go for more sessions. It will produce speedy and effective results in less time. You will be amazed by the results after this treatment and you will be fully satisfied. No specific aftercare will be required.


By this removal method, it is way more beneficial than surgery. And it has a lot of the benefits which are:

  • Less painful as compare to other processes.
  • It is less expensive.
  • It doesn’t leave any scars.
  • Also effective for makeup mistake removal.
  • The solution is less traumatic and safer.

The Procedure of Tattoo Removal:

So the procedure is simple it is a single chemical deletion method and the cream is applied to the original tattoo by using a digital micro pigmentation device. The chemical will soften the tattoo from the skin. The cream will extract the ink of the tattoo leading to its removal. After 7 days, the tattoo will completely fade out. The time required for this treatment is 45 to 50 minutes for 2 square inches but depends on the exclusion area.

Instruction Followed By an Expert for Removal of Tattoos:

  • They do not remove a tattoo more than 2 square inches at a time to handle discomfort level during the procedure.
  • If the client has a big tattoo then it should be divided into more sessions for the procedure.
  • They Wash and dry the tattooed area before removal.
  • Rejuvi tattoo remover is prepared before usage.
  • The needle of the pen is moved gently over the treated area.
  • They make sure that the customer is aware of the aftercare procedures and cautions well.
  • Use the products that contain hyaluronic acid to enhance the results of the treatment.

Some Minor Side-Effects:

Some minor side effects of this treatment are very common which include scabbing, swelling, kind of temporary scar, itching, and pain, and skin discomfort, etc. All of these symptoms are temporary and will not last long so don’t worry.

Cost of the Solution:

The removal of tattoos by Rejuvi Tattoo Removal in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan is started from 8,000 PKR to exceed 15,000 PKR and depends on how many sessions do you need. It depends on the area of your tattoo whether it is black or coloured.


There are a lot of people who are not happy with their tattoos or makeup mistakes. If you are one of them then try this treatment of Tattoo Removal and do visit our clinic which is SKN cosmetics.