Salman Khan’s Hair Transplant Procedures

A receding hairline is never a pleasant experience especially when you are always in the limelight. Salman Khan needs no introduction but all this fame and celebrity status didn’t save him from getting bald. As an actor, it is even harder to live with baldness especially in the industry where looks play a huge part. An actor goes through a gazillion thought, will the audience accept him, will people continue to appreciate him, and will he be desired?  All these factors make the painful experience of baldness even worst.

Earlier Version of Salman Khan Hair Transplant

Around the year 2002, Salman Khan’s Hair Transplant Procedure was the spot with a receding hairline and thinning in the crown area. Salman Khan attempted to undergo hair restoration surgery in the year 2003. No brainer, Salman Khan Hair Transplant was the headline in every single newspaper. Unfortunately, this did not work out for him. This is the harsh reality of the cosmetic and hair restoration industry. We all can learn from the earlier version of “Salman Khan Hair Transplant” and choose our surgeon and hair transplant clinic wisely. He had prominent scars on his head and his hair resembled a wig.

Newer Version of Salman Khan Hair Transplant

He definitely learned from his experience and decided to go for hair restoration again but this time he chose Dubai which is regarded as the hub of Hair Transplantation Islamabad. This time he made the right choice and went for a wise surgeon and a hair clinic. The surgeon designed the most perfect hairline for him which complimented his face perfectly. Although, he didn’t disclose the details of his procedure but here is how our experts dissected the famous “Salman Khan Hair Transplant”.


The Procedure Details

Our expert surgeons claim that he probably underwent FUE Hair Transplant (Follicular Unit Transplant) also known as a strip extraction method. This particular technique allowed him to have amazing hair density. His hair transplant surgeon utilized his artistic expertise to make his transplanted hair look natural, thick and luxurious. This technique allows the surgeon to harvest 3000 grafts in a single session. Although this technique involves extensive downtime and recovery phase, it is still one of the best hair restoration techniques to this day. Good Luck on your hair restoration journey. We hope that you look as glamourous as Salman Khan’s Hair Transplant Procedure. Just be wise in your choice of the clinic, a technique of hair restoration and hair transplant surgeon.