Side Effects of Cosmetic Surgery

Side Effects of Cosmetic Surgery When you think of cosmetic surgery, you probably think of a perfect face, body and hair. But that’s what media portrays. The risks involved with the cosmetic surgery are always are always overlooked and are easily brushed off with few of the sayings like “beauty is pain”. Apart from the physical pain, there are a billion dangers involved with plastic surgery and that includes human error as well. Now, that sounds daunting. You need to stop and think for a moment that whether your urge to change your physical appearance is worth the risks associated with it. At the end of the day, it’s your choice but you definitely need to be mindful of the risks associated with Side Effects of Cosmetic Surgery.

Surgical Risks

The most common surgical complications that accompany a cosmetic treatment include Implant rejection, scarring, blood clots, nerve damage, skin necrosis and pigmentation. If you smoke or drink, it can prolong the healing period which can create some of the above mentioned complications. Hence, most surgeons ask you to leave smoking and drinking for at least a month prior to and after the surgery. Apart from this choosing a right surgeon is of utmost importance as choosing an inexperienced one will leave you looking worse than you did prior to the Side Effects of Cosmetic Surgery and deflate the overall purpose of the surgery also know about the Hair Transplant.

Huge Financial Costs

Plastic surgery is certainly a miracle of the modern world but as they say every worthy thing comes at a price. Cosmetic surgery is no exception. People are feeling pressured to look a certain way. Thanks to the social media and celebrities. We want to look like something which has probably been photo shopped a gazillion times. As a result, many individuals spend the money they cannot afford to spend and get themselves in debt its also include in Side Effects of Cosmetic Surgery.

Emotional Damage

A great physical appearance does not necessarily translate into increased confidence and mental stability. Often times, people lose interest in the vanity and want to go back to their natural self. At other times, if your cosmetic surgery goes wrong, it can leave you devastated. After spending a million bucks, dealing with pain and recovery phase, you end up hating yourself even more.

Blood Loss & Allergic Reactions

There have been a number of cases where extreme blood loss lead to death on the operating table. That’s scary but it happens, not often though. That’s why the importance of choosing a right clinic and surgeon is the primary and possible the most important step if you want to have a successful surgery. Along with this, it can cause allergic reactions in some individuals. Make sure to get all the tests done prior to the treatment to ensure that you allergic to any of the items used during surgeries; fillers, silicon etc.

These were few of the most common Side Effects of Cosmetic Surgery. At the end of the day, do what your heart desires but it’s important to be mindful of the possible consequences.