Skin Allergy Treatment in Islamabad

 It is a very common fact that whenever something happens in the air, changes in the environment or your immune disorders then the skin gets the reaction of such effects. Different people have different allergic reactions like pollen, sprays with chemicals, makeup products, or different smokes. So, if you are the one who has skin allergies that are becoming irritated or redness then you should treat them on time.

In this blog post, you will learn all about Skin Allergy Treatment in Islamabad including their causes, treatments and results. So, keep reading for more information!

What is Skin Allergy?

Generally, it is well-known fact that immune system disordering makes the skin react. The skin organ is very sensitive that shows the symptoms of happening sometimes internally or externally. There are several reasons for getting allergy-like, pollen, by using different makeup products, fibres or even by touching your skin with germs full hands.

However, another type of skin allergy might be hives called angioedema. The most common areas of allergic reactions are eyelids, cheeks, head or neck and other specific parts of the body. So, it is better to see a skin specialist who is a suitable expert for such skin issues and concerns.

Causes of Skin Allergies:

According to SKN cosmetic practitioners, different people get different causes because all skin types aren’t the same. But there are some common causes that are mentioned below:

  • If you are wearing metal-made jewellery that can react on your neck.
  • Wearing tight jeans or unhygienic clothes can cause rashes.
  • Extreme use of makeup or fake products of cosmetics.
  • Cigarette, factory or other types of smoke.
  • Bug sprays and such sprays that are expired.
  • The use of medication like antibiotics or creams can be a cause.
  • You can get an allergic reaction from plants like poison ivy.
  • Through a chemical material.
  • To have dry, rough and flaking skin.
  • If you get pet scratches, you may get an allergic reaction.
  • Psychological effects like depression, anxiety or overthinking.

How To Diagnose?

At our clinic, the skin specialist requires your physical appearance in their office because skin allergies are examined in front of a specialist. First of all, the specialist will check the reason for what it is reacting to. Next, it may take some skin tests or maybe a blood test. However, if people have mild reactions or severe cases, the dermatologist will let you know about it and suggest you suitable treatment options. The whole period of diagnosis may require a few days for conforming the exact reason.

Treatments For Skin Allergies:

Our skin specialists always suggest preventing such allergies. When you come to know about the reason for your allergic reaction, then better to avoid it in the future. Few care instructions on the initial stage of allergy include; avoiding touching, rubbing or scratching the area and do not go out in direct sunlight.

However, there are some treatments that can fix such allergic reactions and recommended you after examining the severity condition and suitability. The options are mentioned below:

  • Hydrocortisone topical cream.
  • Calamine lotions & Moisturizers.
  • By the use of ice packs.
  • Baths like oatmeal.
  • Antibiotics (If you have a skin infection).
  • Other medications are used internally and externally.

Post-Allergy Cosmetic Treatments:

After getting a proper medication course for treating allergic reactions on your body, it may leave scars, rough or uneven skin appearance. You can consult SKN cosmetics for post-treatments of Skin Allergy Treatment in Islamabad. Some amazing skin treatments that can give you smooth and clear skin are mentioned below:

  • Scar Removing Treatment.
  • Laser Resurfacing Therapy.
  • Chemical Peel.
  • Wrinkle Treatments.
  • Dermal Fillers.

Furthermore, if you want to make your skin even, smooth and clear like before then you can choose other cosmetic treatments that can make your appearance attractive and perfect. So, you can contact us or visit our clinic anytime.

All Summed Up!

Commonly, allergic reactions can occur in any human body that interact with something opposite to the immune system including, pollen allergy, dust or environmental allergy, medication usage allergic reactions etc. So if you have any type of allergy then don’t wait and start your treatment from home by not touching or scratching and do not use any medication without consulting a Skin Specialist in Islamabad. Feel free to consult SKN cosmetics for proper diagnoses and treatment. We are here to provide you with an outstanding experience.