Teeth WTeeth Whitening Cost in Islamabad Pakistan

Teeth whitening treatment is performed by professionals to improve the appearance of your teeth by removing rigid stains to produce a better-enhanced look. SKN Cosmetics & Plastic Surgery Clinic provides teeth whitening at reasonable rates.

Teeth Whitening:

Teeth whitening treatment is used to enhance the outlook of your teeth through different methods. It’s one of the most common dentistry procedures to get rid of yellow stains and a dull look of your mouth which gives an unpleasant impression. This process is performed within one day, you can have shiny and bright teeth within one or two hours. It’s one of the most common FDA-approved whitening treatments can be used by those who are suffering from dull teeth. You must consult with a registered dental professional for this treatment to avoid risks.

Methods for Teeth Whitening:

There are several techniques for teeth whitening some include toothpaste and home remedies etc. by using such methods stubborn stains cannot be removed, you can get rid of these spots for a long time if you choose a right method like:

·         Laser teeth whitening

Laser whitening uses a special laser beam for lightening your teeth. This process doesn’t result in insensitivity. It can cover a small portion of teeth so more coverage is needed. This is one of the finest choices for teeth whitening.

·         Zoom teeth whitening

This process can hardly take up to fifteen minutes. It contains bleaching properties which leads to effective results. If someone wants to make their teeth white on an urgent basis, this method would be the best choice for them.

How much Teeth Whitening Cost in Islamabad?

The cost of teeth whitening treatment in Islamabad varies from patient to patient, it also depends upon the clinic. The reasonable rates for this whitening treatment can be attained by visiting the SKN Cosmetics & Plastic Surgery Clinic. The cost usually depends upon some major factors like:

·         Condition of Teeth

Every patient has a certain teeth condition. The cost is a little pricey for those who face extreme irregularities in their mouth.

·         Type of treatment you decide

Teeth whitening treatment includes two major methods. Every process has a specific rate, your cost mostly rely upon the type of treatment you choose for teeth whitening.

·         Pre-treatment sessions

Patients who suffer from irregular teeth conditions like dentures, fillings or crowns, etc. They must take pre-treatment sessions to cure these irregularities, before teeth whitening procedure.

·         Location of the clinic:

It is a common factor, when you go for a reputable clinic, every clinic has its own charges. just like that, SKN Cosmetics has its own criteria of charging for teeth whitening treatment because it is one of the well-known dental clinics in Islamabad. so, this factor can affect the cost of your treatment according to clinical reputation.

Is it worth getting Teeth White?

Teeth whitening treatment is worth it when you want to attain a better appearance of your mouth. This procedure isn’t permanent it can last from a few months up to 2 years. However permanent results can be achieved if you keep following the instructions from your doctor. You must avoid the intake of smoke, tea, and coffee which can leave the stain on your teeth. This procedure usually doesn’t work on teeth that have crowns or fillings etc. you need to take pre-treatment sessions to get rid of these conditions. You must follow the proper medications to get better results.


Teeth whitening cost in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan is one of the most widely used cosmetic procedures used to make your teeth clean and stain free. Most of the people prefer this quick treatment for their better appearance and attractive smile. Some of the celebrities also prefer this whitening process to maintain their glamorous lifestyle. Major comforts of this treatment include:

  • Your smile will become bright and beautiful
  • Your first impression will be more effective
  • It will prevent you from embarrassing
  • It one of the most widely used painless procedure
  • It can affect your personality
  • It can boost your confidence level
  • Your teeth won’t be harmed as a result of this procedure
  • It kills bacteria present in teeth

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Smiling is an important part of your first impression. Everyone desires to maintain an effective appearance and confidence level, you can get this done through teeth whitening treatment at our clinic. If you want to make your smile effective or you want to understand the procedure feel free to contact SKN Cosmetics & Plastic Surgery clinic to consider Teeth Whitening Cost in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan.