The don'ts and do's of mole removal

Hello there, beauty enthusiasts! Are you planning to get rid of an unwanted mole on your skin? If yes, then this blog is for you. Mole removal is a popular cosmetic procedure that many people opt for to enhance their appearance or for medical reasons. However, there are some important things that you should know before you go for it. In this blog, we will discuss the do’s and don’ts of mole removal.

Don’ts of Mole Removal:

Firstly, let’s talk about the don’ts of mole removal. These are the things you should avoid before and after getting the mole removed.

Don’t pick at the mole:

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is picking at the mole before the surgery. This can cause bleeding and increase the risk of infection. It is best to leave the mole alone before the procedure.

Don’t expose the area to sunlight:

Exposing the area to sunlight before and after the surgery can cause pigmentation changes and make the scar more noticeable.

Don’t smoke:

Smoking can delay the healing process and increase the risk of infection. It is best to avoid smoking before and after the surgery.

Don’t apply makeup:

Applying makeup on the area can increase the risk of infection. It is best to avoid makeup until the wound has healed completely.

Do’s of Mole Removal:

Now that we have discussed the don’ts of mole removal, let’s move on to the do’s.

Consult a dermatologist: Before getting the mole removed, it is important to consult a dermatologist. They can evaluate the mole and determine if it is cancerous or not. If it is cancerous, they can recommend further treatment.

Choose a qualified surgeon:

Choose a qualified and experienced surgeon for the procedure. This will ensure that the procedure is done safely and effectively.

Follow the aftercare instructions:

After the surgery, the surgeon will give you aftercare instructions. It is important to follow these instructions to ensure proper healing and prevent infection.

Keep the area clean:

Keeping the area clean is crucial to prevent infection. You should clean the area with soap and water daily.

Advantages of Mole Removal:

Many people want to get rid of their moles for cosmetic reasons because they can be a bothersome skin condition. To help you achieve smooth, clear skin, we provide safe and efficient mole removal procedures at our cosmetic surgery facility. Here are a few of the cosmetic mole removal procedures we provide:


Moles are typically removed through a surgical procedure called excision. The surgeon uses a scalpel to remove the mole and a small portion of the surrounding skin after numbing the mole with a local anesthetic. Sutures are used to close the wound, and it is then dressed.

Laser Removal

Laser removal is a non-invasive procedure used to remove moles. The laser emits a beam of light that targets the mole and destroys the cells. The mole will then dry up and fall off over time.

Shave Removal

Raised moles can be removed with a simple, non-invasive procedure called shaving. With the help of a local anesthetic, the mole is numbed before being removed with a tiny blade. Next, the wound is dressed.


For the non-invasive removal of moles, cryotherapy is used. The mole is treated with liquid nitrogen, which kills the cells by freezing them. After that, the mole will eventually dry up and peel off. In conclusion, a variety of secure and efficient cosmetic procedures can be used to remove moles. To discuss which procedure is best for you, get in touch with one of our skilled cosmetic surgeons right away.

In conclusion, mole removal can be a safe and effective procedure when done properly. Remember to follow the do’s and don’ts discussed in this blog to ensure a successful outcome. At SKN Cosmetics Islamabad, we offer safe and effective mole removal services. Our qualified and experienced surgeons will ensure that you receive the best care possible. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.