3 things You Did not Know Were Making Women Go Bald Islamabad

According to medical research, hair loss is one of the common issue experiencing by men and women nowadays. It always happens due to genetics, imbalance hormones and an unhealthy diet. 

The recent uprising issue which is mostly experienced by women is extreme hair fall that leads them to baldness. It is very important to consult with your dermatologist when you notice hair loss suddenly. This blog post will discuss the major 3 Things You Didn’t Know Were Making Women Go Bald. We try to provide you with a piece of accurate information related to this problem and you can easily understand about it. 


According to SKN cosmetics, many cases related to hair loss also involve female candidates. Mostly, hormonal changes that brought up from time to time, being a pregnant woman and due to genetics can be a reason for women to start balding but many other factors could be making matters even worse. These three factors are those that most women don’t know. 

  • Unhealthy Diet: Sometimes, an unhealthy diet doesn’t look like a big disadvantage in losing hair but an unhealthy diet can affect a female candidate’s health and appearance badly in different ways. One of them is losing hair extremely and suddenly. In another word, when a candidate doesn’t take proper diet, it will target the hairs and other organs as well. Taking a proper diet that includes vitamins, proteins and iron are important for the growth of hairs. 
  • Severe Illness: Another factor, there is much severe illness that also affects the hair of human. Like, an overactive thyroid, depression and anxiety, and poor diet can lead to hair fall. The thyroid problem can also cause weight loss and hair fall at the same time. Another disease like lupus can also leave patches on the different areas of the scalp. 

It is necessary to consult your medical specialist if you are experiencing any severe disease, it is better to cure on time. 

  • Dieting: Last but not the least, many female candidates try to lose weight and losing weight purposely through a low-calorie diet can put up to poor nutrition and later to hair loss. Without knowing the disadvantages of following the diet plan, make sure you should take care of other things as well. 

What To Do for Hair Growth?

After knowing these major  3 Things You Didn’t Know Were Making Women Go Bald, it is time to schedule your appointment with your expert dermatologist where you can know what things are good for your healthy hair. According to SKN cosmetics, there are several instructions which are prescribed when a female candidate experience hair loss issues. 

  • It is better to take a good diet including iron, vitamins etc. 
  • Avoid your diet plans for weight loss and other lifestyle activities that leads to baldness. 
  • Ask your dermatologist for curing the problem by using hair products prescribed by a dermatologist. 
  • Your specialist will prescribe you medication for the treatment of hair loss. 
  • If your hair fall extends to an extreme level then a dermatologist highly recommends a hair transplant treatment. 

All Summed Up! 

Sometimes, most people forget to take care of their health, they are so busy in their daily life routine. To avoid such issues of hair loss and baldness, it is important to consult an expert and experienced dermatologist from a well-known hair transplant centre. Our SKN cosmetics clinic welcome you with our great services and expert surgeons who will consider all your problems in details and recommend a suitable solution.