Top 3 best treatments for pigmentation on face in pakistan

If you are worried about how to remove pigmentation from your face permanently, then do not be anxious because we are going to discuss the 3 best treatments for pigmentation on face in Pakistan. Even texture, smooth and flawless skin brings joy and pleasure and make an individual confident. Further, given the modern societal and beauty demands, everyone aspires to maintain an aesthetically pleasing personality. 

Our skincare routine, growing age and lifestyle and dietary practices can influence the brightness and smoothness of our skin greatly. These factors may also lead to skin blemishes or imperfections such as pigmentation, etc. The appearance of these skin issues is irritating and annoying. It is essential to address skin-related problems and reinstate the flawlessness and natural glamour of the skin.

What Is Pigmentation?

Melanocytes produce melanin pigment, which determines the colour of the skin. Factors such as hormonal changes, genetics and excessive sun exposure disturb normal melanin production in the body, leading to this skin issue or dark patches on the skin surface. The appearance of dark spots or darker patches of skin and skin imperfection disturbs the skin tone and its grace. Skin pigmentation treatment brings back your desired skin tone and adds to your captivation.

Top 3 Best Treatments For Pigmentation On Face In Pakistan:

Skin pigmentation leads to self-consciousness. It affects the beauty of an individual. Its treatment is quite necessary. Though it is harmless, it can further aggravate the situation and even cause skin cancer. Several procedures are there to deal with this skin issue and reduce its effects. Here are the top 3 best treatments!

Topical Treatments

Several skin care products are also popular to reduce the appearance of skin blemishes, augment the skin’s appearance and improve overall look. Topical products such as creams and serums that contain hydroquinone, vitamin C and retinoids are deemed functional. Your dermatologist at SKN Cosmetics Islamabad will assess the intensity of this skin problem and then recommend certain products to treat pigmentation. Topical treatments are non-invasive and non-surgical, and there is no risk of any side effects. Treating pigmentation through this technique might be time-consuming, but it brings about productive results. 

Laser Therapy

The use of laser technology to treat pigmentation is quite effective and popular. Laser therapy destroys excessive or targeted melanin pigment and improves the skin texture. Melanin pigment absorbs laser energy, which is then converted into heat and leads to the fragmentation or destruction of targeted pigment. In order to get effective results, an individual will have to take several sessions of laser treatment. Laser therapy in Islamabad offers precise and effective results and does not even disturb the neighbouring skin tissues. In addition to that, you will get quick results without involving the element of risks and side effects.

Chemical Peels

This is also a cosmetic procedure that is used to deal with numerous skin imperfections such as darker skin tone and age spots and improve skin texture. In this procedure, a chemical solution containing acid is applied to the skin surface to reduce the appearance of skin-related issues and recreate the flawless smoothness and evenness of the skin. This technique exfoliates or removes the outermost layer of the skin, leading to the development of new skin cells and resurfacing a charming and glowing texture. This is a safe treatment and can be applied at varying intensities based on the specific requirements of an individual.

What Is The Cost Of Pigmentation Treatment In Pakistan?

The cost of this treatment largely depends on the type of treatment that someone chooses and the intensity or scope of a particular procedure. The cost factor can also be affected by the clinic’s location, aftercare treatment and the expertise of a practitioner. 

Summing Up:

We all want to have and maintain a smooth and even-looking appearance of the skin. The tragedy of the ageing factor does not make it happen and, reduces the charm and brightness of the skin and leads to numerous skin-related issues such as pigmentation. The advancement in the field of cosmetics has enabled us to treat these skin-related issues and improve the appearance of the skin. Topical treatments are also quite effective in dealing with pigmentation. Besides that, laser therapy and chemical peels are quite popular and are deemed among the best treatments to enhance the skin’s glow and recreate the symmetry and brightness of the skin.

Schedule your appointment at SKN Cosmetics Islamabad to address your skin-related blemishes and improve skin texture and appearance. We offer custom-made treatments and offer satisfactory results. Visit our clinic to get rid of your skin-related imperfections and let your skin accentuate your brightness!


What is the best treatment for pigmentation on  face in Pakistan?

Laser therapy is the best treatment to target excess melanin pigment, reduce its appearance and improve the skin texture and feel. This procedure offers targeted, customised and desired results without involving considerable risk factors.

Can pigmentation be removed fully?

Yes, you can get rid of this skin issue with a proper treatment. First of all, you must consult with a professional to get an appropriate insight and then choose the most suitable procedure to get it removed permanently. You can also consider laser treatment in Islamabad to dismiss this skin problem.

What makes pigmentation worse?

Excessive sun exposure worsens the status of pigmentation and further aggravates the condition. You should avoid excessive sun exposure to limit its expansion and consider timely treatment.